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Reference of the Tecmo Faces

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    • By Knobbe
      We're looking to "modernize" the faces available in TSB2014.

      The first step will be to eliminate current faces..mostly eliminating the mullets and what not



      Here are the current faces



      I've added all of the faces as emoticons.

      Please throw in the image(s) or numbers of the faces that are no longer relevant.


      The next step will be to design some new features, probably mostly hair, to add to available images. 

    • By Norrin_Radd
      I get the feeling that this is a very annoying question to ask, but I've scoured the internet for a couple hours looking for some answers (Including multiple TSB forums).

      In TSBm 1.3, when you create your own face image, or even if you slightly edit one of the existing ones, are you ever able to save them and see them in the rom? When ever a select a player to have an altered face, TSBm 1.3 shows them as having it, but when I save it and open the rom, they are one of the white guys with the black mullets, but they have all blue for a face.

      Everything else works fine. I can even change their faces to all ready existing faces. Change attributes, names and jersey numbers. But for some reason that face image just will not save.

      I notice in the readme that came in the zip that certain player face bugs have been fixed. Is it still in the WIP phase as far as character faces go?
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