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    • By bruddog
      Background: The original game flickers(makes them disappear and reappear) sprites (players). This is due to a hardware limitation of the original NES that only allows 8 sprites per line. 
      Hack added to this years rom:
      1. Completely bypass the part of the game that does the sprite flickering
      Why add this hack
      1. To make the game more visually easy on the eyes since there will be no more sprite flickering.  This will make streams look a bit better as well.
      2. There are no negative consequences to adding this hack. 
      Why is the new version of nestopia needed?
      1. Nestopia emulates the orignal NES hardware limitation of 8 spires per line but it has an option to allow for "unlimited sprites." However I originally failed to test
      that this option works in netplay. The old version of nestopia disabled unlimited sprites during netplay. If the unlimited sprites is disabled, players will completely disappear instead
      of just flickering since the flickering has been removed. The new version of nestopia fixes this problem. 
      Where do I get the new version of nestopia?
      Simply copy and paste this version of nestopia into your folder. 
      Will downloading the new version of nestopia cause any problems in any of my other leagues?
      1. No 
      What do I need to do in Nestopia?

    • By bruddog
      View File Nestopia_Unlimited_Sprites_Netplay
      This build of Brudtopia includes the previous anti-cheat measures for online league play as well as the following change.
      1. The unlimited sprite option will no longer be set to disabled by Nestopia during netplay.
      This will allow leagues to take advantage of ROMs with the no sprite flickering hack added during netplay. 
      Submitter bruddog Submitted 09/24/2017 Category Emulators  
    • By trojan1979
      Participants are as follows, this is not perceived rank:
      1 - Trojan1979
      2 - The_Shield
      3- LuckyTool
      4 - Darthrockman
      5- Barletti
      6- MadTownSpliffStars
      7 - Lincoln Hawk
      8 - Matty D
      9 - NMUFred
      10 - Nelson79
      11 - ODel
      12 - @Ryan11p
      13 - OL Dirty Tecmo
      14 - Arncoem
      15 - Dueceloose
      16 - JPtheBowler
      17 - QBLions
      18 - PunkyQB
      19 - Elyons051
      20 - Rico
      21 - ptitteri
      22 - Suicideking81
      23 - Baxter
      24 - Regulator
      25 - Simple Simon
      26 - Tundra Yeti
      27 - Purple Haze
      28 - Toothbrushes
      29 - Randywags
      30 - Elijah Peters
      31 - StenZ
      32 - Prime
      33 - VikingMoe
      34 - Nos
      35 - Timpapi
      36 - Science Guy
    • By ngunn421
      It seems like its a never ending battle to keep Tecmo ALIVE, And over the years we've seen massive turnouts to the live tournaments, huge additions to online play.  Weve also seen our beloved game turned more and more life like with better graphics ported to different consoles. The pioneers of all this had a huge dream of keeping Tecmo alive, Coming out with the best asset the Game has ever seen.. ONLINE PLAY! (i dreamed of this when i was a kid and would imagine the computer was someone else playing the game in some other place) So it was only evident that we needed to up our Communication as well! GOOD SHOW GUYS AIM WAS LAME! The idea of the TPC website is a brilliant start but it does need some working out when it comes to the game finder. but other than that, I am thoroughly IMPRESSED with the advancements that have been made so far. Who would have thought we would be v chatting to an opponent in TSB.?!? especially when all this was started was when 56k modems were HOT lol. Keep it up guys youre doing a wonderful job!
      I played the new TSB 2016 also, and i like it.. everything but the STATS.. ( knobbe you kill me dude lol) Its another way to bring in new guys to be apart of the best Football Community this country has ever seen! the new ways of playing the game with the new additions of 2 point conversions and QB loft pass, 4-3 defenses ect..  bring new dynamics to the game. Almost changing your mind set on how you play. Making it REVOLUTIONARY! So my tribute to you all with a job well done.. Im putting a rom together that will have updated stats and exact player roster placement from ending of 2016 ( these will not be my stats we got a pro for that) and will be hosting an online tournament with it.... i wil be asking that a few implements to the rom be added. Touchbacks, 2 pt conversions, Xp at 35 yard line and QB loft pass.. ( i will not be doing the TSB4G overjamming of hacks this time lol) and i would be honored if you guys will take part in this gesture. The way i see it.. We cant get anyone to expect to try this for the 1st time, if we show we arent willing to show that we will look outside our 8 bit box to try new things as well.  More info coming soon oh and can i be invited to discord as well? i cant find you guys 
      <a href=”http://tecmoworld.com/twpc/?page_id=21&player=2079″><img src=”http://tecmoworld.com/twpc/tpc/sigs.php?player=2079″></a>
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