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GUIDE: Playing TSB Online For Dummies (PC)

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[This guide on Hosting an Online Game / Port Forwarding was written by forum member Bruddog.]


I get requests to help host online TSB games on AIM pretty frequently. So, I wrote this guide. If you can't get Nestopia to host, then that means you are likely behind a router and need to forward your ports.

A simplified summation of this problem is that your router is blocking incoming requests that are trying to connect to your computer from the outside internet (WAN). The requests that have permission can connect. You need to set up your router so that it knows that an incoming request on port 6996 (Nestopia's port) is okay to pass through.

Step 1:                                                                 


These are things that you will need, and that no one can help you with.


1. Your router’s admin name.

2. Your router's password. Typically, the default values are listed in the manual or can be found by doing an Internet search for your router's specific model. Sometimes, the admin name and/or the default password is labeled to the side or on the bottom of the router itself.

3. Your router's IP address. An IP address is used to locate another device or computer on a network or the Internet.

Below are the most common default router IP addresses by router manufacturer:

3Com -
Apple -
Asus -,
Belkin -,
Buffalo -
Dell -
D-Link -, 0.30, 0.50, 1.1,
Linksys -, 1.1
Microsoft -
Motorola -, 20.1, 30.1, 62.1, 100.1, 102.1, 1.254
Netgear -, 0.227
Senao -
SpeedTouch -,
Trendnet -, 1.1, 2.1, 10.1,
U.S. Robotics -, 2.1, 123.254
Zyxel -, 2.1, 4.1, 10.1, 1.254,, 0.138

As you can see the most common ones are or To verify your router's IP addess, open up a command prompt. (We will also need the command prompt to get your computer’s IP address.)

Windows Vista and 7 Users:


1. Click "Start"

2. Type "cmd" and press "Enter"


[ Note: For some commands and options to work in the Windows Vista and 7 command line, you must run the command line as an "Administrator." To do so, right-click on the cmd icon and choose "Run as administrator." ]

Windows NT, 2000, and XP Users:

1. Click "Start"

2. Click "Run"

3. Type "cmd" or command and press "Enter"

The command prompt screen should look something like this:


Next, type "ipconfig" and press "Enter." You will see a screen that looks something like this:


Your router address should be the number listed where the green box is. Your computer's IP address will be listed where the red box is. (Remember or write down both of these numbers, as you will need them soon.)

Step 2:                                                                 


Next, log into your router to setup port forwarding.

Open up your Internet browser and type in your router's address into the address bar and press "Enter."


You will be presented with a log-in screen asking for an admin/log-in and password. If you don’t have these, try any combination of:



Step 3:                                                                 


After you've logged into your router and are ready to setup port forwarding, you should know that every router is a little bit different, so you'll want to look for something like the following list, as 'port forwarding' can be under different tabs or names in your router's menu. Here are some possible names or keywords:


1. Port Fowarding

2. Port Triggering

3. Applications and gaming

4. Virtual Server

5. Firewall > NAT/Gaming

6. NAT


Here is one example:



1. In the Applicatoin box type: "Tecmo Super Bowl" (or whatever name you like).

2. In "Port from" type "6996"

3. In "Protocol" choose "Both." (If your router only lets you choose UDP or TCP, you will have to create two identical entries choosing TCP for one entry and UDP for the other entry. The name in the application box will need to be different.)

4. In "IP Address" you'll need to type in your computer's IP address that we found previously in the above steps.


ADDITIONAL TIPS:                                             


1. Uninstall Hamachi if you have it installed. This will likely screw up port forwarding.

2. Disable or turn off Windows Firewall or any Software firewall programs as they will also prevent connections from coming into your computer.

3. Make sure you aren’t behind multiple routers or modems. If you are, you may have to setup both routers for port forwarding.

If you still can’t get things working, you may need to put your router in "DMZ Mode," but this should be a last resort as it removes the protection your router is giving your computer and allows you to assign your Internet IP to one of the computers on your network.


Have the following information ready and try and find someone who is familiar with this process. You can find me on AIM at the username: bruddog


1. Internet Service Provider (AT&T, Time Warner, Cox, etc.)

2. Router Model

3. Router Password

4. Operating System (Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista, etc.)


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This is great stuff! I tried following it before from other posts on other forums and they didn't go to the lengths or break it down for dummies like me. Thanks!



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Kweh, would you mind if I acted the editor and modified some of your grammar? I mean this as no disrespect, but I think I could eliminate a lot of unnecessary word additions from your text to clean it up some. Let me know if you're cool with this. I wouldn't be changing/adding anything, just paring down on some of the extra words. Also, perhaps you'd be okay with me formatting some of the text in a way that uses similar aesthetics to the other pinned threads around the forum? I'm a guy who likes to keep things similar in appearance.

Let me know!

ALSO, have you spoken to Bruddog about adding your guides together to make one big guide? I'd love to pair down on the the pinned threads in the forum. We can credit you both for writing the one big guide.

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Heyo! So, I updated Kweh's guide with some editing / formatting changes to more resemble some of the other pinned threads on the forum. I've also updated his links to "Bruddog's Port Forwarding Guide" to send forum users to my post found immediately underneath Kweh's guide for ease of access, keeping users in the same thread. I've also updated the thread tags. Enjoy!

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Get a USB adapter for your actual NES controller.


What remote/controler are people ussuallty using to play online?  I have a replica USB NES remote but the down on the contol pad is bad so looking to what everyone else is using so i can spead the word to others were are hopin to starta league with.

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Can't get the rom downloaded. Had a choice with paretologic or using a windows file. I had pressed windows media center. How do I back out of the media center and hopefully download the actual TSB ROM game?

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I've done everything. I wanna play against the CPU for some practice. How can I?

This lays is out perfectly for you. What are you having trouble with specifically?

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