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Recording Games as They Are Played---How Do You?

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Hello all,


Wondering what version of NES emulator most folks use here, and which one(s) allows the recording of a game as you are playing it.  Would like to be able to record a game so that I can go back and watch it to fix the mistakes I make while playing, mainly on defense.  


For me, personally, I've been using FCEU 0.98.12 to play some of the latest ROMS that have been posted here on Tecmobowl.org.  I've tried Nestopia, but the colors are all "wacked out", even if I try to adjust them.  It looks like you're watching an old tube TV from back in the day, where the color tubes are going out, and you mostly have a green hue no matter how you adjust the color settings!


For the record, did a search here on the forum, but didn't seem to find anything on the subject.  Perhaps looking in the wrong place; thanks for your assistance!

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FCEUX is the one that I'd stick with. If you ever get into recoding the game, you're familiarity with it will be a plus, too.


FCEU 0.98.12 was release 4 years ago or so for making FCE Ultra able to record.

FCEUX tied together this version with another branch

Thus, you might want to try the newer version.


FCEUX is a merger of versions forks of FCE Ultra, intended to supersede FCE Ultra.

The project began in 2006 by Zeromus and Rheiny (SP).  Additional authors joined the group prior to its August 2008 release, including mz, adelikat, nitsujrehtona, maximus, CaH4e3, qFox, punkrockguy318, Sebastian Porst and AnS.

FCEUX contains all features and enhancements from FCE, FCE Ultra, FCEU rerecording, FCEUXD, and FCEUXDSP as well as many new mappers from FCEU-mm.

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