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TSB Sprites - All Of Them

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I was doing some ROM spelunking earlier and parsed all these. It seems they are nowhere to be found on the forums. Examples are below. Download attachments for complete sets.




abwZeYHf.png ace9NhyC.png abxmdOOV.png adjfiMwC.png 
ado81wqW.png adt5g8D1.png abePxkL9.png accuFLHH.png 



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Can you put these in a zip file? OR somewhere they can be downloaded all at once? 

^ This.

I think a .zip file of larger icons (the size of this forum's avatars, for instance) that can be linked to in our Tecmo resources thread here would be pretty sweet.

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      Please excuse my ignorance if this has been answered already, but is there a way in either TSB or Original TB to change the player sizes or use the sizes of players that was used in NES Ice Hockey. Attached is an example of what I mean.  The O and D linemen could be the Bigger players. The Tight Ends, full backs, linebackers and some safeties could be the mid sized character and the skinny characters could be the Quarterback, Half Back, Wide Receivers, Cornerback/Safety, Punters, Kickers (Except Janikowski who would be a mid sized player).  Just wondering if this is possible???


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      This build of Brudtopia includes the previous anti-cheat measures for online league play as well as the following change.
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      Parsed these bad boys today too. GET YOUR HACK ON!
      Examples are below. Download attachment for complete set.

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      Does anyone know where you can find game sprites for Tecmo Super Bowl. Kind of likes these ones for Mario. 

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