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New Base NES ROM (32-Team Original TSB Gameplay)

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FYI I am going to delete all the attachments in this thread. This is download thread for the file revisions.


To suggest edits, you need to submit the files/ROMs to mods or admins to be previewed. We do that to specifically prevent the above. I'll admit I got behind and let it slide but randomly applying set commands is a dangerous way to edit a base ROM. 


I'll get with the rest of the forum staff to find the proper old revision and then I'll purge the rest.

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Sounds like plan sir! We did cobble the edit together among a bunch of us so the coding might not be optimal. I'm sure the higher ups will do right for the community on getting an official base rom up.

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Oh boy, looks like some teams will be making changes to their uniforms for 2018:







Sounds like the Dolphins and Browns might be minor changes while the Jaguars and Titans might be a complete overhaul. Here are a couple ideas floating around the interweb for the Titans:










And some for the Jags:




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