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TFO Football; Tecmo Fantasy Owners Football

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Hello all!


So for the last few months I have been working on a hack of the original Tecmo Super Bowl called TFO; Tecmo Fantasy Owners.


Basically the idea behind the hack is that I created an RPG like application and had 24 of my closest friends fill out the sheet to create their own TFO team. Then once all teams are created we go through a Training Camp so players can see their teams in action, then its off to the 11 game season! Season games are all CPU vs CPU and are recapped online through the TFO Website and YouTube videos.


So come join us for the first ever TFO Season! After the season is completed I will be releasing the TFO Rom for everyone to enjoy :)


I'll update this post as things progress but expect the Training Camp videos to be up before January 28th 2013.




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so you draft players... then you watch those players play computer vs computer games? then you post the comp vs comp games online?


do you record videos of you guys getting hammered drunk and post them alongside of the comp vs comp games? since you don't have to play at all?

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I wouldn't say they drafted players, they created their whole team. I gave them an application with an allotment of for stats. The allotment is as follows:


QB1: 45pts

QB2: 35pts

RB1, WR1, & TE1: 40pts each

RB2 & WR2 : 38pts each

RB3/RB4, WR3/4, & TE2: 30pts each

C, LG, RG, LT, & RT: 20pts each

Defensive Players: 35pts each

K & P: 40pts each


Players are also allowed to make 3 players "Superstars" (they get an additional 5pts to spend) and they get to mark an Offensive Capt and Defensive Capt (gets 1 additional pt in ALL their stats). Players must have atleast 1pt in each stat and cannot have more then 10pts per stat (The Capt Bonus does not count for that though, so a player could have an 11pt stat because of that bonus).


We are calling the 24 people who created their teams "Team Owners" as they don't get to play their games (CPU only) and they must hope their team is the best (they cannot change playbook, players, or stats after the season starts).

As for the getting drunk part; YES! Many of the owners are going to create YouTube "Press Conferences" dealing with their team, and I am setting up a phone number so Owners can call in to the weekly shows and let other Owners know how they feel. So even though the Owners can't make any team changes their main input is trash talking and complaining :)

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Updated website with all 24 normal teams and the 4 "secret" teams that will only be playable in Scrimmage (aka Preseason)

Also I have posted the first conference Training Camp games. TFO players are using these to make changes before the season begins Feb 7th :)

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TFO Kicked off their 2013 season with a Thursday Night Double Header (with full commentary)! The Hollywood Heroes take on the Sith Warriors, and in the second game the Care Bears take on the Portly Pounders.


Come watch our first games at http://tfofootball.weebly.com


The rom will be released at the end of our season. ENJOY!!!!!

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Raja, do you guys get together and watch the games live or do you just have everyone do everything online?


We do everything online, but no one plays their own games. Its always COM vs COM. So the players got to create their teams and stats for players but then they only get to watch the games. Hence why they are Owners. They got to "purchase" their teams and then have to hope they got the best players to bring home the championship :)

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WEEK 11 (last week in our regular season)

The last two Thursday Night Footballs of our season are now UP!!!!!

Remember we have 2 games posting on Saturday, and then the other 8 on Sunday. And then its to the PLAYOFFS BABY!!!!

-Dutch Ovens @ Cleveland Steamers: http://youtu.be/a8H9IeO5BrM
--With special guest announcer Cleveland Steamers Owner Ryan Anderson!!!!

-Rainbow Unicorns @ Bitsmack Slackers: http://youtu.be/7pzflTNqbaM
-With special guest announcers Ryan Collins (Rainbow Unicorn Owner) & Russ Collins (Bitsmack Slackers Owner)!!!!!!

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TFO Conference Championship happens this weekend (May 11th 2013).

-Cleveland Steamers vs. Marvel Mutants

-Portly Pounders vs. Westeros Guardians

Follow us at http://tfofootball.weebly.com/ for these games and more info on the upcoming ProBowl and ShivaBowl!!!!




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TFO Championship Weekend!!!! Join us for the Final Four and the BAD & MAD Championship Contests!!!!!

SATURDAY (5/11/2013; @ 10am)
-BAD CHAMPIONSHIP: Cleveland Steamers vs Marvel Mutants - http://youtu.be/7Rr-64WoawE
-MAD CHAMPIONSHIP: Portly Pounders vs Westeros Guardians - http://youtu.be/dSF6S00gzu8

TFO ProBowl Next Week (5/18)!!!!! Followed by the game of all games; the TFO SHIVA BOWL (5/25)!!!!!

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The first ever TFO Championship is now set, and the two teams who will be competing for the TFO's first season trophy will be the Cleveland Steamers (10-4) vs the Westeros Guardians (10-4).

It took us an 11 week regular season, and 3 weeks of playoffs, but now the dance is sent and the 2013 TFO Shiva Championship game will take place on May 25th 2013. Join us on http://tfofootball.weebly.com that whole week as we celebrate the TFO 2013 season with recap videos, the 2013 TFO Pro Bowl, the releasing of the TFO 2013 NES Rom, and capping off the week by crowing the first ever TFO Champion!!!!

Its been a hell of a ride. Who will be the first ever TFO Champ? LETS KICK IT!!!!!!



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This is my favorite helmet.




Yeah thats the "Portly Pounders". They are the fat guy team, with Benny Hill and Ralphie May and such. Great offense and powerful defense. And what says fat better then the Staypuft Marshmallow Man :)

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To gear up this TFO Championship Week we start with a Starter Preview of the 2013 Pro-Bowl. Who will win, the BAD lead by La Fin Dumonde (TBG) and Iron Man (MVL), or the MAD lead by The RC (BIT) and Joey Meatball (LN)?

Join us tomorrow as the Pro-Bowl will be posted :)

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TFO Football 2013 Rom is RELEASED!!!!!




Check out the great action of TFO with this Tecmo Super Bowl Rom Hack!!!!!!


Thanks to everyone who helped and answered questions for me on Tecmobowl.org. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!


And since the 2013 Season was a success prepare next year for TFO 2014!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

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Proud to announce that Season 2 of TFO is starting soon (all spots are filled). We will begin with an 8 week Preseason from September 2013 to November 2013. Teams will then get to modify their stats and playbooks in preparation for the regular season. Then the Regular Season will kick off the week after the NFL Superbowl (Feb 2014).


New this season will be 28 teams (from the 24 teams we had in Season 1). And we will be using the 17 week schedule (with 1 bye week) instead of the original 11 week schedule used in Season 1. Also we will be having 1 commentary game (Thursday Night Football) each week instead of every other week.


More games, more teams, more action! We got returning teams like the Cleveland Steamers, The Beergods, Care Bears, SouthJersey Slashers, Raider All-Stars, Bitsmack Slackers, Rainbow Unicorns, Greek Legends, All-American Alkies, Portly Pounders, Gotham City Rogues, Llama Nation, The Champs Chumps, Dutch Ovens, and the Season 1 Champions Westeros Guardians!!!! We also have new teams this season that include the 8-Bit Brigade, Azerothian Assassins, Philadelphia Extreme, Disney Dissidents, Duckburg Moneybags, Midgar Meteors, Normandy Defenders, Peaceful Serenity, Marvel Kombat, WWF Superstars, Dexter Bloodslides, Pussy Wagons, and The Whovians!!!!


Gonna be CRAZY! So keep an eye out either here or on the TFO website for another exciting season!!!








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TFO 2014 Season Kick-off begins on Feb 6th for a Commentated Thursday Night Football!!!! Here is the Week 1 Schedule:



-Azerothian Assassins @ Raider All-Stars (TNF)



-8-Bit Brigade @ SouthJersey Slashers
-Pussy Wagons @ All-American Alkies
-Care Bears @ The Beergods
-Cleveland Steamers @ Marvel Kombat
-Rainbow Unicorns @ Disney Dissidents
-Portly Pounders @ Da Dwarves
-Llama Nation @ Dexters Motha Fuckas
-Normandy Defenders @ Westeros Guadians
-Midgar Meteors @ Philadelphia Extreme
-The Champs Chumps @ Pixar Shorts
-Duckburg Moneybags @ Peaceful Serenity
-Greek Legends @ Dutch Ovens



-WWF Superstars @ The Whovians



Expect updates to the TFO Website SOON (http://tfofootball.weebly.com). Till then, till NEXT TECMO!

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The official TFO 2014 Schedule was posted today and we get a look into the future, the very near future.

TFO will start the season with a special Season Kickoff Special of Thursday Night Football (6:30pm Feb 6th). The expansion  Warcraft squad Azerothian Assassins (Owner Nathan Rodenberger) travels to Raider Country as they will be taking on the returning Raider All-Stars (Owner Brian Shuster).

But that just starts the Week 1 action! Saturday Afternoon (11:00am Feb 9th) will have 12 games! And then the premier of Sunday Night Football (6:30pm Feb. 9th) will have the bodyslamming WWF Superstars (Owner Rusty Shackleford) time warping into The Whovians (Owner Kurrie Boddorf)!

Check the schedule link for the times of all the games. The season is soon people! TIME FOR SOME TECMO!!!!!



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      1. Tecmonster it's definitely not a glitch.

      2. I consulted jstouts dissassembly files. Always valuable.

      Here is the bank in question:


      Scroll down to the note jstout added randomize week games. it starts off with
      JSR L_D8F7 AND #$0F

      This is a routine to update the random numbers and then it constrains the result to be from 0x00 to 0x0F or 0 to 15 in decimal.
      Anyways we just need the end of the whole routine to randomize the games which is

      JSR store_sram_checksum LDA #%11000000 STA PRG_RAM_PROTECT

      So at 0x3220A paste in 20 B3 C4 A9 C0 8D 01 A0 60.

      This will prevent the schedule from being random. You may need to do a season reset once to get it unrandomized but it should be good from then on.

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      There are 4x roms in the zip - actually, only two games (ROM 1 and ROM 2), but see below for reasoning for the extra two roms
      the zip also contains a basic readme, and a png image of a playbook key

      View attachment: Street Tecmo 2013 v1 also with no p2.zip

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      There are two ROMs, each with 16 NFL teams.
      The only difference between the ROMs are the teams/rosters/names, etc. and the color of the endzones.

      Based on Jstout's "CIFL 7-on-7" NES Tecmo Super Bowl ROM
      Upgraded plays (enhanced for the street)
      50 yard "field"

      COM v MAN (you can play as player 2 if you set up your emulator)
      Competitive COM for challenging Season fun

      No "Out of Bounds" - you can run into the walls

      New Halftime and New Halftime Song
      Reduced Cutscreens

      Game plays very fast (almost every variable is sped up greatly)
      Turnovers and scoring are common
      No punts (just "kicker")
      Countless Graphic changes

      In-game playbook changing
      Cool new Uniforms (some throwbacks in there, too)
      12-game season with 8-team playoffs

      "Heroes" - it's like a mini-game
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      AFC and NFC - using their original ratings (although some are decreased because it's played as pro-bowl game)
      but, it has a totally different feel and challenge than the other modern "street" teams

      Pass Accuracy is completion/int variable
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      Player 2 condition indicator fixed

      No pass-defender auto-dive
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      AI hacks
      Passing Game Hacks

      Bruddog's OL/DL Differential (more random popcorn in the trenches)

      HP Hack (MAN v MAN "popcorn" and/or "mash")
      Also, HP is quantized to a scale of "0 to 3 extra presses" that are added to grapple counter)
      6-25 HP = 0 extra press
      31-50 HP = 1 extra press
      56-75 HP = 2 extra press
      81-100 HP = 3 extra press

      EXTRA ("no p2" versions): the (main) 1st version of TSB Street posted on 9-5-12 has a very cool hack (thanks xplozv) that lets you play as the 2nd player (2nd side) vs COM (also in season mode).
      A requirement is that you need to have your emulator set up such that you have control of the 2nd player controller (or if using an actual NES, a controller in port 2!) . In the emulator I use, I have them both programmed to the same controller/buttons.
      If you use an emulator that will not allow you to program or play as a 2nd player controller, I have provided a set of roms with the additional "no p2" characters in the rom filename. this "no p2" will play just like the original TSB - MAN will always be player one side when playing COM.

      Therefore I have updated the zip to include these "no p2" versions. I also updated the readme in the zip. No other changes have been made.

      We must thank the following, because this rom would not be possible without their past or present help:
      jstout, bruddog, cxrom, bad_al, average tsb player, elway, knobbe, bodom, and xplozv

      (jstout did not have any direct hand in the making of this ROM, but we thought we should credit him because we used his CIFL 7-on-7 ROM as our base)


      it's a party, jerk. so enjoy it.

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      Hi there, I’m interested in joining some online leagues if anyone’s willing to have me. 
      Quick note: I’ve played a few games online on the server, have not hosted a game yet (still figuring that out). As for level of play, I’d rate myself average, I know of the rules, played in a few live tourneys and did okay (I do remember playing mort last year at tecmo Cleveland and being able to cover the 17 1/2 point vegas spread) 
      so if anyone is interested, I’d be happy to join and learn how these things work
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      Hey guys, here is a example of me choosing the Seahawks against one of the all-time greatest D's, the Chicago Bears.  And by the way, the 1st play of the game was a Safety by Joe Nash.  And also, in the 2nd image is my playbook choice for Seattle, :).

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      Hey guys, I almost feel bad for coming here and asking a bunch of questions. I've lurked the boards for a few months and finally have some time to set aside to ask some things. Please don't be offended by my newbiness. 
      A group of friends and I want to SIM football. We are Simmers, mostly we SIM Fire Pro Wrestling  (before Returns and now Fire Pro Wrestling World). That community is much like this one, we've been making new memories using our favorite classic game (which is now having a rebirth with this new steam version). 
      Essentially we want to start out with the original 32 teams and rosters, pick our teams and simulate the games (one person would likely do the simming from their PC) the results would be posted. And we would come up with all kinds of other storylines and stuff that would make it more of an interactive story. We also want to track stats, assign awards etc, and then draft players and start a new season.
      Is this possible with TSB? 
      If so, would anyone be able to point me in the direction of the stuff we need? I'm a bit overwhelmed by it all, and I want to make sure I get the right mods etc. 
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