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ROM Editing Request: OG TSB Stats Spreadsheet

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Straight-up, I'd do this myself but I'm swamped, boyos.

My request is for someone to produce a spreadsheet that has TSB Tool Supreme info of the original Tecmo Super Bowl player stats divided up, per page, into the various player positions.

Page 1 - QBs

Page 2 - RBs

Page 3 - WRs

Etc, etc.

Each page would be in list format from 'best' to 'worst' top-down of that skill position, or as close as is possible considering it can get debatable. Does that make sense?

Having a spreadsheet that people could use to copy / paste from OG TSB to newer ROMs and its contemporary players would go a long way in helping everyone produce TSB-dedicated stats patterns to rosters of future season ROMs. Does anyone have the time to do this? In my mind, it wouldn't take too long, and it's be VERY helpful to the community to have this kind of spreadsheet.

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You both get sexier and sexier as the days get longer. Yes, definitely. Now all we need are the SIM stats to be added in, and for it to be specifically in TSB Tool format for easier copying / pasting / editing.

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My spreadsheets have a main page for pasting it in but they require someone to save the tsbtool file. Open it in excel as a csv selecting commas as delimiters. And then copy it into the first work sheet as instructed.

I have a sim stat spreadsheet which i belive i have posted previously as well

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