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Tecmo Bud Bowl?

Hut ad Infinitum

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Has there even been a bud bowl in the last 5 years?


They're bloody beer bottles playing football, without limbs. There are presumably only two teams in the league, making the preseason, regular season, playoffs and championship somewhat predictable.

All of this, and the only gripe is that it's retro?

Well anyway, I'm working on Tecmo Holy War. Yes, honestly. The Christian team is easy to fill out the roster for: Jehova, JC, the apostles, a few saints. The Jewish defensive is going to be stingy to say the least. Expect Islam's offense to be explosive. Roman mythology will be strong in the backfield. Not sure what to do with the Egyptians yet - but I've got a good logo, so I'm going with it.

Sound stupid? Maybe it is, but it's so much less mind numbing than researching the offensive lines of the 1983 NFC central.

And if anyone can think of a good name for a Confusism team, don't hesitate to pipe up.

Oh, and no offense meant to any religion, beliefs, etc. You're all groovy, baby.

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Talk about going out there with ideas...

Why not just set a league up with corporate mascots

You know,

QB - Ronald McDonald

WR - Burger King (As shown in the commercials)

WR - Trix Rabbit

RB - The Brawny Guy

C - Little Green Giant

TE - Chef Boyardee


Personally, I'd stick with football players lol

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My brain ran out of juice after 18 teams. But that's enough to fill out a league. Here's how it stands right now. It looks like I'm going to need to shorten some team names for the rom to display properly

AFC East

Islamic Jihazards

Jewish Torah Terrors

Hindu Divine Bovines

AFC Central

Egpytian Pharaos

Greek Fighting Falafels

Roman Seizers

AFC West

Christian Rapture (was Power and Glory, but that was too long)

Scientific Beaker Breakers

Satanic Hellfire

NFC East

Buddhist Enlight'ning (Enlightenment/Lightning, ya know)

Oriental Angry Ancestors

Aboriginal Whompbats

NFC Central

Native American Palefaces

Voodoo Curse

Philosophical Eagles

NFC West

Pagan Beasts

Aztec Serpentine

Norse Way Norsemen (say it in a Swedish Chef voice. It's fun)

Again, I'm still checking them out to see if all the names are within the parameters that the game allows. I'm just relieved that the Philosophical Eagles are good to go.

Next comes the fun part: Filling out the rosters! Heaven help me once I try to find umpteen Native American spirits to fill the roster of the Palefaces.

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