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Q?UICK thoughts all teams through SF completed. 3 left

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THis should be the toughest season of ETC to date.

BUFMegget will likely be flanked out as a wideout. Humphrey's 38 prevents the automash except in extreme conditoins with a nice 88HP

Mack for blocking. Seems like Buf should have combined there defenders into a better players rather than a bunch of middling guys. 31PA wil be a problem at times with no scrambling speed and 50rec as the best target.

Playoff Odds: Too many coaches with proven track records houlie would have to surpass thus... Doubtful

CLE- A victim of some outbids and poor cap planning. Beast mode secondary with Haddix and Rod God could have been even more beastly with Fulcher. Haley in the mix for some added run stuffing help. Will all the middling to crappy QB's in the league CLE will be tough to pass on but it came at the expense of the offense. The WR core is very slow. with 19ms 69rec phoel and 31ms 50rec harmon as the best targets. Hectors 19hp makes him an automash RB in many cases. Good blocking in Riggs and Paige.

but useless if RB can get automashed.Rosy will likely be running for his life. As blitzing will be a good tactic. Clock management field goal kicking and INT returns will loom large in CLE's games. Best get to practicing.

Playoff Odds: Just have a feeling the offense will be worse than the defense is good but it will be an interesting experiment. On the bubble

DAL- Mr Gats is coming of a VERY impressive 32-4 season where he won it all. That will be nearly impossible to repeat with the improved coaching talent inthe league. He decided to change things up his JJ squad from last year which may hurt his chances slightly. This is basically a better verision of buffalo's with a better QB. 94HP heyward provides good blocking or running depending on opponent matchup and conditoins. Best starting target is only 38rec that might lead to a few extra ints which could be the difference between winning and losing. Defense is a bit thin with DL Cross and One man defense Prime Time running the show. Still all of gats film study and games played has payed off.

Playoff Odds. Even with a team not built totally for JJ's Gats should be in the mix. Playoff contender

DEN- After some time off Soby is back in the online tecmo scene. Admitedly he winged this draft but for the most part it turned out ok. Even without Graddy this passing offense and offense in general should be one of the better ones under the command of soby. His starting RB can't get automashed and he can play conditions between the other 2 38 ms guys. Novacek might in fact be a better target than Graddy. I'm not sure Soby fully grasps the effect of LB automashing QB's. A target with high

REC might actually be better. Very balanced defense with 50rp 31 int DL Agnew, 50rp 69hp Byrd, and 44rp 56int Mcdonald. As one of the superior defenders in tecmo this is plenty on defense.

Playoff Odds: There might be an adjustment period to the grapple hack but i gotta put him as a: Playoff contender

DET: Luckytool narrowly missed the playoffs last season and is hoping to make it this time around. I tend to like the high PS qbs more when there is a great RB behind them. Not sure if 44ms 25hp plus a very nice OL will be enough of a running theat but it might be. If you get burned as a defender watch out 63ms and graddy can rack up a lot of yards after the catch. Graddy could also be used at KR which might be lethal. Browner anchors the defense along with a just useable 31 44 63hp pat swilling.

Playoff Odds: This is a good team on paper and based on last seasons results i have to say at least: On the bubble

HOU- Hoss Sauce leads this team that went with depth over stars. That usually isnt the way to go in tecmo. Hoss and Woodside is decent but Shawn Collins is a middling 50ms 50rec. Likewise jordan is 44ms 63hp 56 rec. Defensively lots of balance in banks, mcdonald young and manny hendrix. But that is one too many DB's for my tastes. The money put towards hendrix could have been used on a better LB or DB that would have repaed more dividends.

Playoff Odds: I think go Nick will do okay but I don't think he has a playoff run in him. Doubtful

IND: A newcomer to the the tecmo scene looking to make a name for himself. PRetty solid offense with JJ master john harbaugh 44ms 25HP gaston green and 94 and 88 HP blocker rathman and mueller behind a good OL. THe WR's are a bit slow with 38 and 19 ms but 75 and 69 rec will come in handy. Indy decided to go with the bears DL but the LB core is one of the worst in the league.Another case of DB overspending here IMHO. Is woodruff really necessary when you already have 69HP anderson and 63 int lippet. He's a glorified 5.5 million dollar drone at that point.

Playoff Odds: Never played the guy so I have no idea what to predict. Thus I'll err on the side of below average. Doubtful

KC- Superbowl runner up johhny_mx is back with some fast RB's again. This time he's added mel gray to emitt smith. Gray will join

69rec keith byars as the primary targets for a likely QB rotation between stouffer and george. 75HP fenner rounds out the RB stable

to provide some blocking. The receivers are piss poor and only one of them likely takes the field as a space filler. Defensively this team

is built around LT and snow. LT can be a one man wrecking crew at times on this rom. The DB's are an average bunch but decent

enough when LT is wreaking havoc.

Playoff Odds: Dont see anything to lead me to believe a return to the playuoffs is not possible: Playoff contender

MIN- I think there is going to be more struggles on the gridiron for GRIDIRON. Clearly this team had defense in mind. The offense

is pretty pitiful with 38pa wilhelm, 31ms 50hp john stephens and 38 63rec slaughter leading the way. However the defense is pretty loaded. Starting with with 38 50 DL green. They also feature the best HP lb core with bennet johnson joyner and millen all with 63HP or more.. Likewise the db core is sick with mayhew stinson and green and washington. I just think a few more million put into the offense makes this a much better team.

Playoff Odds: A 7-23 prior season where your opponents outscore you 2-1 doesn't inspire confidence. The first: NO

NE- Not sure if Dancing knew about the PC/PA hack as the offense looks good with 63ms neal and 50ms 63 rec duncan until you realize

there is two 44pc 25PA QB's. Just awful. That alone makes this team a non contender. Defense is basically a one man show with

Gil Byrd.

Playoff Odds: Between the 25PA qbs and dancings skills its a repeat of the team above : NO

NYJ: 8 Bit has a nice balanced offense with 44 44 Wilson, 44ms 63HP 44rec walker, 94HP haddix blocking, and 50 69 WR john taylor to stretch the field. All this behind a solid 8 mil OL. Kevin Green and Childress at LB and Sam Seale at DB. No waste of money here.

8 bit can tap but the rest of his game needs some work. No major holes in the team just don't think the coach skill is there yet.

Playoff Odds: Last seasons 10-26 record, our preseason games, and more skilled owners equals: NO

NO: BgBoud is the Brett Saberhagen of ETC. Its an even numbered season so look for a ho hum performance from boud. He is a

playoff contending (68.5%) in odd seasons and a mediocre 31-27 in even seasons. Season 3 was his best with singletary and

haddix leading the way but they came up small vs zuirzuir's chargers. This seasons team took a hit losing okoye for otis. Bgboud

will be hoping to pound otis behind a solid OL and win some taps. QB schroeder on good this rom with his 81ps 44pc but has one target

in albert bently with 44ms 63rec. If otis cant force defenses into calling run the slow Wr's could be a problem at times if schroedy

is forced to pass before he wants to. The defense is pretty lacklaster with only offerdahl and a bunch of average 31 38 56int drones

at db.

Playoff Odds: Given the even year track record and this squad I'm going to say: ON THE BUBBLE

PHX: Ones pulled a NYG in Season 4 having a magical playoff run to win the superbowl despite going

12-10 in the regular season and getting outscored 357-434. He followed this up with 30-14, 17-10 and

an amazing 35-7 performance in the playoffs over top seed manyo thanks to a steller jim kelly performance. A career

.611 winner lets take a look inside this years team. Waiting until the end to sign his big name player

nearly jj int proof 50pc aikman will be launching bombs to 56ms 81rec Ellard. The 38ms running game

might be a problem but ones got his RB's early and there was no waste of money there. The best

LB core in ETC leads the defense as DT, Pepper Johnson and Cofer will no doubt wreak havoc. The DB's

are non controllable without condition benfits again we see the 31 38 50int bunch here.

Playoff Odds: Could be the last man in or out this season but I'm going to say: PLAYOFF CONTENDER

PIT: Swamp is coming off a lackluster 14-16 season.The offense is potent with bernie, byner and ingram.

The only worry is when byners 25 hp can be automashed due do condtions or 75hp defnders as that makes

the offense one dimensional. Still Bernie to ingram is good for some jjs. The two 38HP OL might also be a

problem at times. Because of this nice offense Pit is rolling with the one man Jerome Brown defense and

continuing a trend a bunch of 31 38 50ish int DB's.

Playoff Odds: I don't know Swamps full league history but I'm going to say : DOUBTFUL

RAI: Tecmo legend daboy8821 is making his innaugaral ETC appearance. He went with QB by committe

taking both ware and peete so he can play conditions. Not sure this was money well spent but we will

see. As in above Marcus 25 HP could be a problem vs some of the elite coaches in this league who

will be able to automash him at times. Likewise the passing game is poor with 31PA qbs and 44ms 44 rec

as the best target. The defense has solid HP all around. Lots of good defedned in lloyd, oneal, meclenburg e

eric allen and mark collins. perhaps one too many defenders though that could have been used to add a

better receiving target to the offense.

Playoff Odds: This team isn't ideal but its pretty hard to bet against daboys skill even with this solid group

of owners as I don't think he's ever missed the playoffs : PLAYOFF CONTENDER

RAM: Adversity finsihed at 13-26 last season. This team is very lackluster all the way around with a bunch of

middling players. I don't think that gets it done in tecmo. OBrien, 50ms25HP Rozier, 81hp woods and 31 69,

31 63, 31 63 recs for targets. The reception is nice but probably too slow to be of much use. The defense used

the same approach with 44rp 50int clifton 44rp 69hp francis 38rp 63int woolford and 38 50rp 50int Lee.Another

coach might be able to work with this but if you are an underdog i think you need to load up on stars.

Playoff Odds: Barring a miraculous turnaround/tecmo fortune: NO

SD: After a 2 season layoff. Season 1 and 2 Champion I'm back no longer coaching his favorite squad the niners but his

current hometown Chargers. A lack luster season 3 had many likely wins dissapear in the very last moments. QB Miller underperformed all season and flamed out with a 1 for 7 performance in an opening round loss to Zuir. Still I bring a 55-19 (0.74) lifetime ETC record to the table despite a lackluster season 3 performance and its title or bust mentality here. The offense has just enough to get the job done with 25ms 38pa pagel providing some scrambling ability. 44ms 31hp 50rec mcgee and 94HP 44rec cobb should be able to grind out some yards to make for favrorable down situations and provide targets out of the backfield. No bruddog team is complete without a jj target and there are two here in jeffries and jackson to stratch the field and keep defenses honest. However with 38pa pagel will need to excercise more care to not get jj picked. Defensively the front seven is pretty stacked with two 69HP defenders on the DL and 50rp 75HP singletary and 50rp 69HP millard causing automash and general havoc on opposing qbs and weak rbs. The secondary is the weak leak with ben smith 50rp 31 hp 50int leading the way and 31rp 50int scrubs. Really no money wasted here and I feel this is probably the second best ETC team I've fielded relative to the rest of the league.

Playoff Odds: Having never missed the playoffs in my tecmo career it will take some bad luck, not enough games

played or the influx of top end talent to derail the streak: PLAYOFF CONTENDER

SF: Season 3 Champion, perennial contender, and legendary tapper Regulator is back. Sporting a sick 99-24(0.80) lifetime ETC

record. Seasons 1 and 2 were narrow defeats at the hands of bruddog. Season 3 was a comfortable title run. After brud's

departure reg took over SF. Season 4 he fell at the hands of his brother. Season 5 newcomer johny_mx wreaked havoc with LT and 3 picks by wilson left a bad taste in regulators mouth as he was on the wrong end of 38-7 beatdown in the playoffs. Back for revenge the offense is solid with 50pa walsh and a 56 31hp brooks. The 31hp makes autosmash unlikely except with extreme condition luck. Reg will

be using his RB's as targets grabbing 50ms 50 rec Anderson and 38ms 56 rec metcalf to use his omney the

most efficiently. Although 6 mil 38ms 44hp 44 rec ron hall seemed unecessary. Defensively Reg went cheap at LB

grabbing 50rp 38 hp fltcher and relying on his tapping ability to make up the HP difference. But 44rp 56 hp lockhart and

conlan can be used in the cases where fletcher can get auto popcorned.44 rp 50 int lake adds some db help but it might have been

wise to funnel a few more dollars into a top db rather than 3 mil 38 rp 56 int dbs. Although they can drone int jj

some of the weaker pa qbs so maybe not a waste after all.

Playoff Odds: As with SD it would take an extreme set of cirumstances for reg not to get in: PLAYOFF CONTENDER

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... Hectors 19hp makes him an automash RB in many cases. Good blocking in Riggs and Paige.

but useless if RB can get automashed.

Highly doubt Hector will be any thing more than a dedicated KR. Riggs and Paige will be the feature backs. And mildly effective ones in this league.

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When your RB can get man autosmashed because of low HP it becomes a problem because you basically can't run at that point. Person

can sit on pass all day. So slow high HP Rb's are nearly if not more valuable than 44ms 19hp rbs. Depends on matchup.

Thats part of the grapple hack. You can popcorn man defenders as well as autosmash (no grappling) man offensive players.

AVG 75HP LB autosmashes AVG 25HP rb

AVG 69HP LB autosmashes AVG 19HP RB

AVG 63 hp lb autosmashes AVG QB's.

AVG 94HP RB autopoopcorns man defenders less than 50HP

AVG 88HP RB autopopcorns man defenders less than 44HP

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... Hectors 19hp makes him an automash RB in many cases. Good blocking in Riggs and Paige.

but useless if RB can get automashed.

Highly doubt Hector will be any thing more than a dedicated KR. Riggs and Paige will be the feature backs. And mildly effective ones in this league.


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Do you just rush at the RB with your high hp LB in that case?

With a 69hp defender yes, but anything less and it goes to a grapple and a blocker will still knock you off.

If you're a fast enough tapper you can still get away with using Hector against most defenses, but slow tappers may get iso-tackled by drones.

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i'd rather have 44ms than 31ms any day

You don't know this rom.

I think Keirre once ran with Rathman or Muster 25MS on me to the tune of 290 yards in one game.

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it's really tough to rely on slow rbs to get you downfield, but vs a low hp man defender you could definitely wreak some havoc. then again, you're a lot more susceptible to diving tackles with a slow player. we'll see, i'm excited to play. i think i'll probably end up using byrd most of the season on d.

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... Hectors 19hp makes him an automash RB in many cases. Good blocking in Riggs and Paige.

but useless if RB can get automashed.

Highly doubt Hector will be any thing more than a dedicated KR. Riggs and Paige will be the feature backs. And mildly effective ones in this league.

On 2nd thought, Hector will be on offense.

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my only guy over 31ms on offense, its not like he spreads the field, but he can be a decent option, esp if he's in good. Let's just say he lost his KR duties to Quinn Early.

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