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Miller Bowl -- A Brief History

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To all of you, this is Miller Bowl I. To us, this is Miller Bowl CLXVII.

It all began at the beginning of my 8th grade year when I finally saved up enough money to buy the game I had played a few time and loved, TSB. My friends and I played it all throughout high school and our 1st year of college. I would have friends spend the night, and we would play entire seasons staying up all night....with my 6 year old brother Kyle hooting and going crazy with us every step of the way.

Eventually, towards the end (SR year of high school/FR year of college), we 18 and 19 year olds started letting the 10 year old Kyle play with us. We would skip seasons. Kyle always got the 1st 2 picks and we went from there. I don't know if Kyle remembers him, but he taps EXACTLY the way my friend Dave tapped for all those years he watched us playing. Kyle never won a Super Bowl in those years, but he had some fierce tapping battles with Dave. We always laughed at how the 2 controllers sounded getting jackhammered so fast.

As time went on, with Kyle could out-tapping me, it kept our games closer than before. But even beyond my college years as I got into the mid-20s and Kyle was 15/16, still no Super Bowls. Close a few times...but no dice. But he was definitely getting better.

Finally, around his senior year in high school, in the 17/18 year old range....he got one. And it was a stunner. He took the Super Saints and improbably beat my Giants, who had just ousted his 49ers, in the NFC Championship. I don't remember who he beat in the Super Bowl, but it doesnt matter, I should have been able to beat even a Super Saints team.

The tide started to turn after that. Suddenly, we were splitting Super Bowls. Kyle didnt always get 1st pick anymore, as we went to a Loser picks first system. In the 2 years before BradBears81 stumbled upon a forum for a Cincinnati TSB LIVE tournament, and I went to it, it was clear.....the student had become the teacher.

You know the rest. Regulator, as you know him, swooped in and blind-sided the online Tecmo community by winning many leagues has has been in...and a few on his first shot no less. He continues to be a force and make deep runs in every league ....regardless of team and opponents.

The question is.....can crusty, old, forgotten Mr. Miyagi summon the ghosts of years past to defeat Daniel-son just this once......


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