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KC vs CIN - AFC Championship

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The two best in the AFC square off in what ended up as which offense would score last.

Cincy got the ball to start the game. They moved it downfield only to be stopped on KC's 40 with a 4th and long. Coach dynasty decides to go for it (his FG kicking skills must be as good as mine) and gets stuffed. It takes KC one run play for 60 yards to score and its 7-0 right away. Ensuing possession Cincy gets stuffed again in their own territory setting up an easy score for KC 14-0. The Bengals found offense in the 2nd qtr. They took the ball down the field behind some Bently runs and finished the drive with a 40 yard JJ TD leaving Byrd to scratch his head thinking even Simms throws 40 yard JJ's? KC gets the ball and is stopped and elects to punt pinning GIA deep with less than a minute left. Oh, but that didnt stop Phil Simms. 40 seconds and Steve Young like jukes, Simms tosses the 90 yard JJ to tie it up at half. 14-14

KC gets the ball and works the clock mainly through scrambles with Vinny and runs with Anderson. Touchdown and KC is up 21-14 with a little left in the 3rd. Not to be outdone, Phil Simms says "shit, I've already thrown 2 JJ TD's let's go for 3!" Well, dynasty had a well worked drive of passes resulting in a score. Simms was disappointed about losing out on his 3rd JJ, but he took the TD regardless. 21-21 with 3:50 left. KC gets the ball and ends up getting there play picked twice resulting in 4th and 19 with 2:45 left. Decision time...... KC goes for it! Motion down shotgun pass #4 is used and Vinny fakes the long JJ by scrambling and wating for Taylors BAD slow ass to get down field, and throws short for 28 yards! First down! KC used many a scrambles and runs by Anderson to set up the eventual game winning TD with 14 seconds left. Kickoff was to no avail and KC ends up with the AFC Championship trophy and a shot to beat the Saints (again :) ) for the SB!

GG and great season dynasty.

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