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DAL vs NO -- NFC Championship

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Lady luck shines on the side of the cannonized....

NO receives and comes out passing. They soon go back to the one that brought 'em, and get a 35ish yard TD run from Marcus, 7-0 NO. DAL has 44 MS Rueben Mayes go down to injury on the 2nd play of the game, insert 38 MS Fontenot. A few plays later, Fontenot befalls the same fate, insert 31 MS Mack.....who promptly fumbles it away at the NO 30ish. NO converts a 4th and 5 near mid-field, and methodically drives it inside the DAL 10ish. On 2nd and goal, DAL rushes with a LB, but gets bumped by a blocker buying Mitchell enough time to hit Jensen for the 10 yard score, 14-0 NO. DAL has around 1:45ish to play and gets a few 1st downs, but 2 end of half rainbows turn up leprechauns, 14-0 NO at half.

Oh how halftime can change a game.....

DAL comes out firing on all cylinders. Completion after completion, and 10 yard runs at a time. Lots of first downs, but lots of time eaten up as well, and Mack finishes it to cut it to 14-7 with 1:45ish to go in the 3rd. NO dodges a Bullet Bill on the kickoff when Logan coughs it up, but a fat lineman recovers it at the NO 4 yard line. ****Game Changing Decision****....BAD Mitchell 38 PS/38 PC vs. AVG George 50 PS/31 PC....YOU MAKE THE CALL.....the call on the field is George. 1st play, George to Jensen....JUST beyond a diving Mayhew...for 21 yards. Could Mitchell have made that pass? Probably not...After some short Marcus runs, Marcus goes Marshawn Lynch throwing grapplers on 2 different occasions for a long 50ish yard TD run, 21-7 after 3.

4th quarter, it takes DAL exactly 1:30 to score on an 84 yard TD bomb, no jump required...just QB Bills to Earnest Givens, guest-starring Wayne Haddix as "a minute granule of sand that QB Bills and Givens shake off their sandals."...21-14. The Marcus Allen show took over from there. Four 1st downs, all running, all 3 TOs taken by DAL, all plays taking max time off...ends the game, 21-14.

The dream is finally a reality...Miller Bowl... :twisted:


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