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Regulator's Championship Analysis and Predictions

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The Bengals (11-4-1) visit Arrowhead to take on the Chiefs (15-2). The Bengals present with a weak running game and a strong passing game on the offensive side, and a stout D line to go with stud DB RJ (75 INT).

The Chiefs come in with a balanced offense of duck n tuck Vinny and 50MS Anderson in the backfield. The defense is weaker that Cincy featuring one studly DL Jerry Ball and DB gill Byrd.

The game will rely on Cincy's ability to pass the ball. Coach Reg will most likely be picking pass all game seeing as a 38 ms RB is not much of a threat with Reg's tapping ability. The Chiefs will have to play dip and dunk football with RJ patroling the secondary and be sure not to get baited in throwing a long ball with Vinny's low PS.

Both Coaches are very talented and have decorated histories in leagues. It comes down to who executes and gets the breaks.

Prediction: Chiefs 21 Bengals 17


The Cowboys (10-8) visit the Superdome to take on the Saints (12-5). The Boys snuck their way into the playoffs thanks to the Redskins forgetting to schedule flight plans and play their games. They come into the game with gun slinger Jim Kelly at the helm and WR Givens leading the offense. The defense posts LB Vaughn Johnson at the run stopper and DB Mayhew (69 INT) patrolling the secondary.

The Saints some in with stud RB Marcus Allen and QB Scott Mitchell as the offensive leaders. The defense posts LB Greg LALALALALALALloyd to plug up the holes and DB Wayne Haddix scanning the horizon.

This game is heavily weighted in the Saints favor. With DB Haddix (75 INT) on patrol, that is more than enough to nullify the passing attack of the Boys. Also, the Saints offense is geared towards running, while the Boys defense is more of a pass stopper. Kamp will have to continue his miracle run to pull this one off as it is not a good match-up for the Boys.

Prediction: Saints 24 Cowboys 14

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