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Playoffs Update and League Future

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Looks like 1985's Championship games are set in terms of who is in for both the real playoffs and the consolation tourney.

USFL Championship is Michigan Panthers at Birmingham Stallions

USFL Consolation Title Tilt is Jacksonville Bulls at Boston Breakers

Look for Previews of these games out soon.

A reminder that the point of this league is to enjoy the rom and the best players from each team's history. As of now it looks like we will have one more season with this same rom, although there will be a shakeup of teams. Understandably, the teams on this rom are grouped into Haves, Have Mores, and Have Waaaay Mores, and it isn't fun to be stuck with a team with lesser talent long term. My goal in having another season with this rom is to give owners a chance to roll with a better team and get better acquainted with the players that made up this great league. The redistribution of teams will be held via a draft. I'm considering creating a list of teams in order of strength (we can start with tiers of course) and then drafting them in reverse order. So anyone who had a team like Memphis or LA that has lesser talent, will have dibs over owners of teams like the Stallions, Stars, Panthers and Gamblers (those four would be the top 4 most talented in my book and would probably have the last 4 picks).

Longer term, after the "1986" season, the direction I'd like to go is to hold a draft of all the players that were in the league in 1983, and start franchises from there with rookie drafts and aging, probably in a similar vein to how the WTF leagues do it. Owners that have been in the league since this first season will have dibs on their original teams. For example, I would have the Panthers, Shiney would have the Bulls, etc.

As always, I know I do not have all the answers, and I seek input from the owners in this league. Nothing is final, except that I do have final say. So with that, let's hear what you got.

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