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League Rules/Details

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Gameplay Rules

1. No lurching.

This means you cannot be a DL and dive right after a snap to tackle a QB or RB. To get to the backfield as a DL you must either engage with an offensive drone first, or go around outside of the offensive tackle.

2. RBs, WRs, and TEs are interchangeable. Only RBs may run the ball on handoffs or tosses.

RBs can play WR or TE, TEs can play RB or WR, and WRs can play TE or RB, but WRs may run only on WR reverse plays. An easy way to tell WRs is that their HP is 13, save for a couple of exceptions ( Carter, Mich and Holloway, Mich have 19hp and Scott Fitzkee, Phi, is the equivalent of Art Monk on this rom with 38hp. None of these receivers are allowed to run unless its on a WR reverse play)

3. You may check conditions and make substitutions once per quarter.

4. You may use the 4th man down on both field goals and XPs. Onsides kicks are allowed at all times.


5. Be a Good Sport. Here's a start. Start games with GL and end them with GG. Don't be a Richard or a douchebag. Violators will be booted.

6. No Cheating or quitting.

While the USFL is a renegade league, cheaters and quitters will be booted. Please record video for all your games. Report cheating and/or quitting to commish via PM. Please keep accusations off the boards. Cheating includes autofire/turboing as well as programs for identifying playcalls. Quitting games before their finished is not allowed. Throwing games is not allowed. Wise man say always try your best.

7. Allow the defense to choose their player before starting the play.

8. Winner is responsible to save state and upload rom to the DynastyPhile site.

Make sure the winner gets the save state before you disconnect from game.

9. Playbooks may be changed.

The current rom does not have in-game playbook change hack, so these changes must be made pregame.

10. Keep chatbox open and to the side for in-game communication.

General League Details

First of all, the name of the Revamped USFL game is FUN. The USFL was a unique time in professional football history, and a byproduct of this league's existence is to relive/relearn some of the fantastic players, teams, and stories from this era.

The 1st season will be 1985. The rom will not be altered by rookies for the 1st few seasons (3-5?) as owners become familiar with the rom. Owners will be able to switch teams if they so choose between seasons during these first few seasons, but will not be forced to. When the decision is made to begin a dynasty style for this league, original owners will have dibs on their original teams and we will restart from 1983 or 1985. Owner input is valued and will be used to drive the future of this league.

The league will have twelve teams split evenly between Western and Eastern Conferences. 4 teams will make playoffs. Each conference winner will host a semifinal. The final two playoff spots will go to the next best two records, regardless of conference. Tiebreakers will be head to head, conference record, then common opponents. Championship will be played at team with the best W-L record. If a "wild card" team plays a division winner with a lesser record, the division winner will be home.

Roms will be released at a rate of about 3 roms every 2 weeks. Each season will be 18 games. Please recap all games, even briefly, on the boards.

And most of all, have fun!


The rom used was originally created by jstout and denny. I used this rom as a basis to create this league's rom. I pored over every available stat from the 3 years that the league existed using primarily these two sites.



as well as the USFL's wikipedia home (for team stats that were sortable for 1984 and 1985)

In editing the players and their ratings for this rom, I put all the available player stats into an excel spreadsheet used to assign ratings. QBs were assigned ratings more directly to their stats. The rest of the positions were assigned ratings similar to those players of their similar ranking on the original tsb rom. Their were a couple of areas of liberty taken, most notably with Marcus Dupree. Some positions I had to rely more heavily on yearly all-USFL teams as well as the all time USFL voting. I realize every team is relatively strong, yet each also has their own relative strengths and weaknesses.

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