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Save States and Injuries

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Injuries aren't in the same place? Wouldn't the condition be injury as opposed to excellent or good? If they aren't in the same place, what condition does an injured player so up in?

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conditions are 0-3

0 being bad

1 being avg

2 being good

3 being excellent

unless im somehow mistaken when i get the condition of the player its simply what his atts are

when a player gets injuried his condition is still teh same. so that means if he gets hurt while he is in bad. the condition says bad not injuried.

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i think it is 0-4 with 0 being injured and 4 being excellent. It looks like I last worked on this stuff in 2002 so I can't be sure. I'll check.

looking at my very old and undocumented code it looks like 0-3 were bad-excellent and any other number was considered injured. ...not sure what to make of that...

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snatches was nice enough to show me

so ill show anyone else who is intersted

home team is at 0x500 and away is at 0x605

read in 3 bytes for the 12 offensive players

convert to binary

so 0C 00 00

turns into 0000 1100 0000 0000 0000 0000

the numbers are then broken up into sets of 2

00 = not injured

01 = probable return

11 = questionable

10 = doubtful

01 10 11 = injured

and it goes in order from qb1-te2

going by the above set of data

it shows that RB1 is INJURED and is quesntionble for his return

that is all

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