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A better alternative: Rom hack for Punt Returns

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I just threw together a quick little fix for Punt Returns that will allow us to rate a teams Punt returner realisticly.

Go to Hex Address #2908B in the rom and change the value of 82 to 87.

What this will do is cause the rom to now use the Quickness attribute of the Strong Safety as the Max Speed that the Punt Returner runs at(Instead of using the Strong Safeties Max Speed, I changed it to use Quickness). Quickness does not do anything on defense, so using it as a Punt Return rating for each team is a perfect and simple alternative to just using whatever speed your Strong Safety has.

If you couple this fix with the Konforces Kickoff Return fix, you then have the ability to have a rom in which you can have a dedicated return man who has higher values for Ball Control and running speed(Even Hitting power, if so desired) and you can give him different ratings for Kickoff and Punt return values....since his Kickoff return speed will be his actual Max Speed, and his Punt Return speed will now be the Quickness of the Strong Safety.

Punt returners need to be fast to be effective. Try values like 56-81 for the values of your Strong Safeties Quickness and you should be able to get some decent returns.

Running speed, Rushin Power, Hitting Power and Ball Control attributes for all returners are still going to be the actual values of the player that you have in as the returner(Not those of the Strong Safety, if applicable).

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see party this is quality information :twisted:

i could care less about actual punting, as i wryly mentioned earlier (which you interpreted as some kind of major insult ?)

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To convert this to a SET command to use in TSB Tool, would it read:


#PR Speed Change From SS to Actual PR Player
Set(0xAADD, 0xB10000EFE4DFFEFF)


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