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Shorten Field Goals Rom Hack

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Part 2, of todays Punt and Kick hack extravaganza.

Apparently the code for field goals is much more complex than that of Punts. I'm not going to even try to explain it here.

As far as we are concerned, we can basicly ellicit the same effect as mentioned in thread about shortening punts by lowering a hardcoded "Field Goal Length" value, to decrease the distance that you can hit a kick from.

The Hex Address that we need to change is at #294C0. The default value is 90, and this basicly adds distance to the max distance that all kickers can reach from. Lower the number, to take away yards...increase it to add yards. From the way the code looks, you probably wouldn't want to increase this too much, or you could go beyond a reasonable hex value(Since it does add your kickers rating to this value...along with a bunch of other stuff, and you don't want the sum to go beyond FF). If you change it to FF However, a kicker with 100 KP can reach on a kick spotted at the other teams 20 yard line at the farthest(90 yard Field Goal). If you change it to 00, a kicker with 100 KP can reach from a ball spotted at around the 50 yard line(60 yard field goal) at the farthest........a configurable range difference of almost 30 yards between distance values of FF and 00.

I experimented with a few kickers, and found that if i change the "Kick Distance" value to 10, a kicker with 100 KP and 100 AKB can hit on a kick spotted at in the vicinity of the 50 yard line to the other other teams 47/48 yard line at the farthest....making for a 60-63yard field goal for the absolute best kicker in average condition. A kicker with 81 81 could still reach on kicks up to around 58/59 the a good percentage of the time.

I suggest you use 10 as the value for the kick Distance setting, in order to get realistic field goal lengths for most kickers.

This does not affect accuracy at all....only distance. Accuracy will remain exactly as it was prior to changing these values...and accuracy can even be increased by using the information that Konforce provided in his thread titled "Attribute Probabilities".

More useful information to know about Field Goals:

For every notch of KP that your kicker has, they gain 1 yard of maximum distance. This means that the difference between a 100 KP kicker vs that of a 6 KP kicker is 16 yards.

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I think this might affect onside kicking.

I made some other hacks to a rom along with this one, but it seemed like I was getting almost every single onside kick against the cpu. I changed this setting back to 90 from 15 and then they seemed to occur less often. I could be wrong as I only have tested the onside kicking with the 90 rating on this rom briefly.

I will post against after I play another whole season and compare the onside kicking.

Either way it would be nice to find an onside kicking hack to make them harder to get.

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The respective address for this in TSB3 is located below:


Note that the original hex value is 70, not 90 like in NES...

AM Rush

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