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USFL/WLAF TSB is Finished!

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Yep that's right everybody, i know you all have been waiting patiently for this for some time now, but after months and months of editing, it is finished. This is a WLAF/USFL Dynasty edit for TSB (NES). Below are all the changes me & Jstout have done.

I hope everyone enjoy's this edit, it sure is fun to play. :D

Feel free to post any comments.



- Updated Various Menu Tecmo background colors a bit. (No need for a palette file)

- Updated Player Status Backgrounds.

- Changed Jerseys to USFL/WLAF Jerseys. (For the most Part)

- Updated all mini-helmets.

- Division Champ & Conference Champ screens updated.

- Team Rosters/Team Names & Player Photos Updated to Dynasty USFL/WLAF teams (see list below).

- Almost all players have accurate Jersey Numbers. (Most of the WLAF teams aren't, we tried but there is limited information on the WLAF available)

- Various Text Changes.

- Formations now set at (2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE) for all teams, Denver, NY/NJ and Houston have Run & Shoot offenses, just like they did in the USFL.

- Simulations Stats Updated.

- Player Attributes Updated to reflect their stats/physical conditions from their teams season.

- Default Playbooks Changed.

- All Large Helmets update to USFL/WLAF helemts.

- Pro Bowl Rosters updated (The AFC is the WLAF All-Stars, and the NFC is the USFL All-Stars)

- Endzones Updated (One on the Left is Dark Blue and says "WLAF" and the one on the Right is Dark Red and says "USFL")

- Kick and Punt Returners Updated.

- All NFL Text is replaced by SFL (Spring Football League)

- Super Bowl is now called the "World Bowl"

- NFL and Tecmo field logo's replace with USFL and WLAF logos.

- All Opening intro screens updated.

- NFL logo used on main menu screen replaced with a USFL/WLAF combo logo.

- The NFLPA Lettering has been removed, but the logo remains.

NOTE: There may be a couple changes i forgot to put in the list, so be on the lookout :D

Team List


This is the complete list of the teams in the Dynasty WLAF/USLF Edit, we tried selecting each teams best year, some years were chosen to prevent a massive amount of duplicate players. In game all teams have their full team name, no years are dignified in their tecmo name, so the 85 Generals are setup as just the New Jersey Generals in game. This was to prevent new people to these leagues from getting confused, and it looks better this way.

10 WLAF (1991-92) Teams

18 USFL (1983-85) Teams



1992 Birmingham Fire

1992 Orlando Thunder

1992 Ohio Glory

1992 Sacramento Surge

1992 San Antonio Riders



1991 Barcelona Dragons

1991 London Monarchs

1991 Frankfurt Galaxy

1991 Montreal Machine

1992 New York/New Jersey Knights (It's "NY NJ Knights" In Game)



1985 Oakland Invaders

1984 Los Angeles Express

1985 Denver Gold

1983 Arizona Wranglers



1984 Tampa Bay Bandits

1984 Birmingham Stallions

1985 Jacksonville Bulls

1985 Memphis Showboats

1983 Boston Breakers



1983 Michigan Panthers

1983 Chicago Blitz

1984 Houston Gamblers

1984 San Antonio Gunslingers (Had To Be Shortened to Slingers in game, Name Was Too Long)

1984 Oklahoma Outlaws



1984 Pittsburgh Maulers

1984 Philadelphia Stars

1985 New Jersey Generals

1983 Washington Federals


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USFL ended when?

1985, in 1986 they planned on moving to a Fall schedule but they went bankrupt trying to sue the NFL so the 1986 season did not take place. In a nut shell anyway.

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I only know it from the Bob Uecker videos. U know, Mr. Baseball, "ahahahahahahahahahahahah".


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This was just brought to my attention, i believe people who are viewing this topic who either aren't registered or not signed into their account can't download the edit.

I noticed this because this topic has been viewed 700+ times and only 73 people downloaded the edit, so i encourage everyone to sign up and not only grab this edit, but every other edit on the boards as well. Registration is quick, easy and free.

Unless i could be wrong and people aren't downloading it, which is okay, but i just thought i'd say that just in case.

Thanks everyone for all the comments, we appreciate it.

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Anyone can download, else I get people who register just to download, which would be important only if I was trying to get a ton of people registered.

Given that I've viewed this topic everytime it gets a comment, I think you'll find that you'll always have a ton more views than downloads.

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Okay, i was just curious as someone told me earlier they couldn't see the download attachement thing (he coulda been looking in the wrong topic though too).

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This was the ROM that made me a lifer. I was just viewing stuff on the site and came across my favorite period in football history, the USFL. I downloaded the emulator, then the ROM... and then a ton of the others.

Now I not only play, but I am trying to edit as well. I am an art teacher by profession, so not being able to edit the graphics myself is torture, but I can't figure out the tile editors. It just looks like a collection of pixels to me.

Anyway, just saying thanks for the edit and sometimes it works the other way around. Some of us need to get the files and test the waters before we join the community (not a big fan of being flamed by people just because they can remain anonymous dicks).

So far, so good!

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Guest guest

For us old schoolers this is the best if not one of the best roms every made. Graphics are unbelievable and rosters are very accurate. Player ratings? Doesnt matter. Great stuff Denny and Jlstout. :twisted:

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how did you switch the logo's on the helmets

You'll have to talk to Jstout about that one, he did all the graphic work including the logos. He did some pretty technical editing on those, some things i didn't even think possible like taking unused tiles from other logos and moving things around. It's amazing, no doubt.

Thanks btw SBlueman ;-)

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