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A Guide For Changing NES TSB Background Palettes

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Okay, this is long overdue i feel, but i'll give the locations of some major background palettes to everyone, and a brief guide on to which values to change. I hope everyone can understand this.

Are you sick of the same old ugly Light Blue Tecmo backgrounds on the main menu? Or the dumb Pink they use all over the place? Well this guide is here to help.

With this guide and a hex editor (Hexworkshop, etc.) you can change the background screen colors for Tecmo Super Bowl for NES.



First go Here and save the guide on this page, you'll need it. The values go in row/column format when entering them into tecmo (eg. Say you wanted brown, it's in row 0, column 8, so the value to enter in hex is 08 ). This is the entire NES Palette, and is very useful when changing colors and such.

Let's get started shall we?

Please excuse any typos, my eyes were starting to strain toward the end of typing this up, lol

1.) Main Menu Screens

Okay first we'll change the Main Menu Screens, here are the offsets for those....

0x1A140 - 0x1A14F

0x1A850 - 0x1A85F

Now, to change the general main menu background, just change the value at x1A850 to whichever color you want, and that should work.

For the Pink Tecmo Letters and Year Numbers on the Main Menu Screens, just change the value at offset x1A147 and there you go.

For the NFL logo, there is multiple positions for the Blue in the NFL logo, the Red is located at offset x1A856, and the blue is located at the following offsets....

x1A142, x1A852, x1A855, x1A859 and x1A85A

2.) Team Select, Playoffs, NFL Standings, NFL Rankings and any other screens that show the mini-helmets

These screens are all linked to one palette, mainly because they all display the tecmo mini-helmets, so it just takes up les room to have only one set pallete for all backgrounds and mini-helmets.

Here are the offsets for these screens....

0x1A150 - 0x1A15F

0x1A840 - 0x1A84F

Okay, this can be tough, especially if you wanna update the mini-helmets, so i'll try to explain each the best i can, but other than that your on your own.

To change the background color change the value at offset x1A840, this will also update the Broncos, NY Giants, and any other helmet that uses the background for helmet color (Cowboys, Bills, and some others) so be careful changing this if you just wanna update the default Tecmo mini-helmets.

Okay on to the mini-helmets, here's a quick list of the offsets and what they change,....

x1A152 - Changes the Grayish Blue in the Seahawks, Cowboys, & Lions Helmets.

x1A15A - Changes the Blue in both the Rams and Chargers helmets.

x1A15E - Changes the Dolphins Cyan color in their mini-helmet.

x1A15D - Changes the Green in the Eagles, Jets and Packers helmets.

x1A15B - Changes the Gold in the Chargers, and Rams helmets, also changes the Gold Select Team lettering at the top of the page.

x1A157 - Changes the Black in the Steelers, Bears, Falcons and Raiders Helmets.

x1A156 - Changes the Orange in both the Bengals and Browns helmets as well as the Bucs helmet.

x1A155 - Changes the Gray in the Raiders helmet.

x1A151 - Changes the Pink in all the helmets using that color, also updates the stars at the top of the team select screen, and the underlines on the Playoff Bracket screen.

x1A843 - Changes the Purple in the Vikings Helmet.

x1A847 - Changes the Orange C in the Bears Helmet.

x1A845 - Changes the Red in the Redskins helmet.

x1A849 - Changes the Gold in the Packers, Saints and 49ers helmets.

The rest i think you can figure out, having fun yet? lol

3.) Season Schedule

This is to change the Season Schedule screen, it's pretty easy, and helps doctor up your new edit.

Here are the offsets for the schedule....

0x1A160 - 0x1A16F

0x1A860 - 0x1A86F

To change the Background color for the Schedule screen, change the value at offset x1A860

To change the Blue and Red Stars, the Blue Star is at offset x1A165, and the offset for the Red Star is at offset x1A166

To change the color of the Gold Stripes, change the value at offset x1A161

You Still Awake? Good, lol

4.) Team Roster And Team Matchup screens

These palettes change any screen that displays the Large Helmets, as far as i know there are only two screens that show them, so changing the color of the Team Roster screen, will chnage the background color for the game matchup screen. Your on your own as to which values change the Large Helmet colors.

Here are the offsets....

0x1A2D0 - 0x1A2DF

0x1A8F0 - 0x1A8FF

To change the background color of the Team Select/Matchup screens change the value at offset x1A8F0

To Change the Pink Underlines, change the values at offsets, x1A2D1 and x1A8F7

NOTE: This also adds a tint to the Playbook screen to whichever color you choose, it's not that big of a deal, but just to warn you.

5.) Pro Bowl Roster Screens

If you change the color of the Team Select screens, you must (but don't have to) change the color of the pro bowl roster screens so it looks more tidy.

Here are the offsets for the Pro Bowl Roster screens....

0x1A310 - 0x1A31F

0x1A910 - 0x1A91F

To change the background color, change the value at offset x1A910

To Change the Pink Underlining, change the value at offset x1A311, this also changes the Pink stars at the top of te screen.

To Change the Blue Stars at the top of this screen, change the value at offset x1A312

6.) Player Status Background Screens

Thanks goto Jstout for telling me these

These are the Colors for the background screens that display when you check a player's Stats or Attributes. They are for the team as awhole, so changing the teams background color will apply to all players status screens for the given team, hope that wasn't confusing.

Those are at offsets...

x31140 to x3115B

They go in tecmo team order, so the Bills are first, and the Falcons last.

Whew! Well i hope this helps you guys out, it's actually very quick if you know which colors to use. Alot of it is just changing color, testing, and changing again if needed.

Have Fun changing the palettes in TSB. Feel free to post any comments.

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what do you mean by offsets?

I loaded the rom into Hex Workshop but i cannot find any numbers that match those you give like ox1a40

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Those are the Hex Address locations for the given values, i haven't had Hex Workshop installed for awhile, but it should say somewhere on the status bar Offset = 0x00001A134 or something similar to that, those are the offset hex address.

I removed the Extra Zeros from the offsets listed above though, so it makes them more legible. So offset 0x00001A134 would be the same as 0x1A134, just without the zeros.

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oh ok. thank you very much. Now my league's rom will be even more unique. thanks for all your work on tecmo roms denny. You one of da men that make this fun.

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Thanks for putting this up Denny. I was just able to custom a rom for my friends. We have a yearly edition that we all play every winter, and then play on our own for the rest of the year.

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