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my desktop

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(i've since fixed the weather gadget to have hi and lo for each forecast day and moved the rain umbrella off the coordinates of chapel hill. go heels! i was zipping a 5.5 GB file, which took up all my cpu)

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i tell you what i'll do, aaron and disc. i'll put all the necessary files into a zipped file and post it here (minus the desktop pic--cuz it's mine!) with some instructions on how to get it going.

too late, i already stole the desktop image. im putting it up in the Raiders lockerroom, up on the board. When Bills come to town now we know what the twins look like and we will be coming for THEM.

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ok, here it is fellas


here are the destructions:

1) install rainmeter.exe

2) put the other folders (starview, retro, elemental, and arachnid) into the skins folder by following the path:

My Documents->Rainmeter->Skins

(*note if this folder does not exist within the my documents\rainmeter folder you will need to create it)

3) you will need to put the folder "desktop boys" into the theme folder by the following path (the drive letter may vary depending on your harddrive setup; i.e. on my XP machine My Documents is actually on the D: drive not the C:):

Vista/7: C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Rainmeter\Themes

XP: C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\Application Data\Rainmeter\Themes

4) open the file rainmeter.thm and follow the instructions i give on line 4 concerning how to specify the skins folder--basically just a copy and paste thing

5) open rainmeter

6) click on the themes icon on the bottom of the box that opens in the middle of the screen

7) find desktop boys (or if you've renamed it by this point whatever you renamed it to) and click load. close the window

8) *almost finished*

9) click the configuration icon in that middle box

10) find RSS1 and RSS3 and change them to whatever feed you want on your desktop (sports, news, etc)

11) you *should* have a setup similar to mine


1) i have modified the RSS1, RSS3, and recycle bin files. if you want them to look like it does on mine you will have to copy and paste the three .ini files into their respective skin folders, which are

RSS1: My Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Enigma\Sidebar\Reader\RSS-reader

RSS3: My Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Enigma\Sidebar\Reader\RSS-reader3

Recycle bin: My Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Enigma\Taskbar\Recycler

you can basically do whatever you want with these skins, but you have to mess around with the .ini files. anything in the enigma folder is a bit harder to modify because of the way it is setup. if you want to try other skins click on the skins icon on the middle screen and click the browse tab button at the top-left. click on what you want to see in the left panel, click on the skin in the bottom-left and click load skin to check it out. by default they always place the new skin in the top-left corner of your desktop, but you can click and drag it wherever you want. hit me up with questions if you got 'em.

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Windows 7 is pretty badass as well.

I recommend it.

i originally had windows 7 gadgets roaming the desktop, but they aren't as visually satisfying to me, and they use more memory (upwards of 20 MB vs 12 MB for rainmeter).

where you been boss. i've missed you.

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