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[TSB - SNES] Doesn't work... at all?

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I'm experienced with TSBM2000 for the NES version, and have made a few custom rosters, etc. with it.

I decided, after getting totally annoyed with the flickering of players on the NES version, to move to the SNES version.

I tested, at first, with a few different roms, just importing data, and extracting data (same filenames upon extraction), but every time I ran the extracted ROM in ZSNES (1.36 and 1.337 tested) or SNES9x (all versions tested), the emulator would just close (SNES9x would keep running it, with a black screen)... and do nothing whatsoever.

However, when I restored the original copy of the ROM, it ran just fine.


And yes, I selected each team for their original division on the ROM, just like I did with the NES versions. I'm using TSBM2000 v.71


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