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A brief history of MPC

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MPC stands for Meatspin Players Circuit.

It is a portmanteau of Meatspin and Tecmo Players Circuit.

The members that initially founded meatspin wanted to play TPC games with each other without the record mattering. They were disenchanted by the ratings system of TPC. It is too much about wins and losses, and not having fun. They started a circuit where they played from the original rom and only played amongst the few of them, a method still in practice today. The main protocol for choosing teams is by rolling dice in aim chat-rooms (done with the //roll command). At first the standings were shared via messageboard posts in the Ice Hockey forum at Puretecmo.com and no database system was in place.

Later in the season snatches kindly let us use tecmophile, and MPC exploded.

Season 1:

This season was a straight up original rom. No hacks or anything of the sort. When the season was over, the 12 playoff teams were assigned to the 6 participants of season 1 via a draft, where the order was determined by rolls. Original thread of that outcome is here. The super bowl ended up being mike's 49ers vs system's Dolphins. Mike wasn't pleased with the outcome, but regardless, Dan Marino became the first ever MPC champion.

Season 2: This one introduced standings realingment of the original rom, based on skill level of the teams. Each division was custom named by the 6 main members. They were

Meatspin.com Conference



I'll beat you with NE

Lemonparty.org Conference

Mike Nolan is Sexy

Roll em back like walmart

xOx Sherina xOx: im SO lost lol

This season was very Caturday themed. The playoff team assignments were again chosen by //rolls. This season's championship was a David vs Goliath matchup, with Bruddog's Giants facing Gripsmoke's Redskins. Gripsmoke cursed the Giants for not starting Hoss, but Goliath ended up getting the best of this one winning 21-16 with an Everson Walls interception over an excellent condition Mark Rypien.

Season 3 took a little twist. It was original divisions this time, but every team was completely randomized. That resulted in some crazy teams like

the Colts having QB Eagles & David Fulcher

the Cowboys Joe Montana/Richard Johnson connection + the toughest secondary ever assembled (Joey Browner, Gill Byrd, Maurice Hurst and Dwayne Woodruff.

the Falcons mighty LB core led by Mike Singletary, Tim Harris and Corny Bennett.

the Vikings, whose best player on EITHER side of the ball was 44ms Reuben Mayes.

Sadly, midway through the season at about week 12, tecmophile was shut down and passed over to TDO. As far as I know, MPC3 was the only league still running, and the data transfer was inconvenient and incomplete. So mike and I took control of the playoffs and set a 28 team playoff, which can actually be seen here. It's a google Doc of the bracket, and there is a link to my flickr account, with a screencap of the game and a brief summary. I don't have a link to the recap of the MPC bowl, and that is because it is the absolute craziest game I've ever played in my life, and the fact it was a championship game makes it all the more intense. I was the Falcons and Mike was the Colts, and I'm actually going to try to make a little production worthy of youtube, so stay tuned for that.

Season IV: This season is maintaining with the original rom roots with original divisions; but for a twist, we decided to add a custom interception hacked. We learned from int hack leagues that sometimes the interceptions are fucking ridiculous, so we decided to base the return speed of the defender to be the average of their MS and their INT. This makes DL to return pretty slowly (like they would in real life), LBs to return a little bit faster (like they would in real life) and for DBs to return fast with the potential to bust (like they would in real life). The highest speed for a DL is 44, with most being around 19 or 25. The highest speed for a LB is 56 (only Lawrence Taylor can claim this) with the average being 31-38, and the highest for a DB is 75 (shared only by Deion Sanders and Wayne Haddix). The average is about 50.

The other twist we added is that the 2 worst teams in each division were allowed to realign their players to get a leg up on the competition. NE, IND, CLE, PIT, DEN, SEA, DAL, PHI, TB, MIN, NO, and ATL were the privileged recipients.

So that's brings us up to about now. Did you get owned clicking some links? Did you start hovering over the links to see where it took you to? Then you're starting to get an idea what MPC is all about.

It's still a pretty exclusive circuit, but I've felt that MPC games are the most entertaining because we only play to have fun. We don't give a shit if we win or lose. We actually love it when tecmo-gayness happens, and it seems to happen a lot in MPC. Things happen in league games here that I NEVER see anywhere else. For this reason, we decided to move from the Ugly2 Leagues (formerly Ice Hockey) to TW, so more traffic might read up and see what's happening in the league. And we might add more members, who knows.

If you are brud, edge, tmac, blue, soby, or anyone else that's played mpc with us before, IM us for the tphile account name/pw to play some games. Mike and I played the entire season3 pretty much and it wasn't as fun I think. It would be awesome to get some more playing styles in.

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