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Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball (KGB Editor) and Trading

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How difficult would it be for someone to add TRADING to the KGB Editor? I hardly know anything about programming.

I am updating gary22fret's roster with the off-season moves thats taken place. Trading is such a hassle with KGB Editor since there's no Trade feature (like in the Tecmo Managers). Granted, without KGB Editor I would have no chance at trading anyone. It is very time consuming to update the rosters by moving around and trading players by writing down everything about them on paper or notepad.

If this is a legit thing to ask, I would really appreciate it if someone could program a trading feature.

I am definitely willing to post the ROM when I'm done, either on a server of mine or on the Repository's site. That is, if it's OK with gary22fret. I am just swapping players and creating a few new ones. I really am not doing anything when you consider what he did. I cant imagine entering all the data for every player in the game.

Any help would be great


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Well, I'll give you what hints I can...

1) I gave the formula I used for calculating the abilities in the ‘read me’

- so you can adjust new or old players with that info.

- - keep in mind it’s NOT on a full-season when I came up with it,

- - - (STOLEN BASES & INNINGS PITCHED would need to be raised it you’re using last years full-season stats.)

2) I did do a few trades before I released it.

- the best way seems to be to take a SCREEN SHOT of the player you want to move,

- - then use that screen shot while typing in the stats.

3. I thought I had fixed everything,

- however, the Pittsburgh Pirates DO NOT have a Second Baseman.

- - This of course is a SERIOUS problem for which anyone who had been a NL team would already know.

- - - (if playing the pirates, when they pitch-hit for the pitcher, the game gets stuck in a loop cause it can’t make anyone play 2B.) Sorry about that, I just didn’t feel like bugging Rod to upload MY fixed version.


- the editor does not make extra spaces in the hex (hard to explain)

- - (this will fuck up the stats of both the player who you gave the 10 to, and the next player in line.)

5) Last hint, this for the Angels

- I noticed in the hex after I released it,

- - you can change their name from “California to Anaheim” using a hex editor.

- - - (just be sure to use the proper hex for space for the extra 3 letters.)

6) As far as logos and uniforms, good luck.

- I looked everywhere for the logos, it made my head spin.

I’m very glad you understand how much of a pain it was to do.

I WAS NOT planning on making another update until at least august, if at all. (after the trading deadline)

You would make my work much easier, no need to ask me man.

I’m just happy someone else other then me was playing the damn game I made.

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good stuff

Two weeks ago, I decided to get serious with Griffey. I started to use the Import Team Data feature, combined with Excel.

It's VERY easy to make a team. I just have to go to ESPN.com for the team roster, click on a player, and copy their stats onto the spreadsheet. I have all the formulas to make the game perfect when the stats are inserted. I spent a few hours on the spreadsheet. I have 10 teams done. The appearances is what takes the most time.

I'll let you know when I'm done with the entire league.

Oh yeah, it would be great to get the ROM with the Angels as Anaheim instead of CA. I could just import my rosters into that rom, it wouldn't take but 10 minutes.

I'll keep in touch,


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I have spring break next week. I'm not going anywhere. I'll finish most of the teams, if not all. Griffey is such a fun game when you don't ever play the computer. I play the game with four other people and the game only has small room for more improvements (now that the roster is up to date).

Anyway, we're starting to play NBA Give 'N GO, so hopefully I can finish this roster before I make try to updated NBA's roster.

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I just saw your posts here about the editor. I was going to answer your question about trading but I see you found the import roster. You got the right idea with excel. Using excel and KGB Editor it should be easy to update. I programmed KGB. It is lacking some things and has room for improvement. I just didn't feel like working on it much after the first release. It is pretty easy to change California to say Anaheim. As for changing the graphics I think somebody else found out that it is impossible. When I was spending time editing KGB I spent hours trying to find out where those damn team logos were. I guess they're compressed. I really wanted to put new team logos in there but couldn't find them. I did find how to change uniform colors but it's kind of tricky. I'm a Rangers fan so I changed their uniforms to be blue instead of red. When they are in the field though, you cannot change their hats to blue. You can only change their hats to red or black.

Anyway, glad you like KGB. Is there a place to download your new rosters? I'd like to see them.

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