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I tested the faces, and I couldn't find many that worked. But I'll keep testing. Here's what I found:

Joey Harrington shows Warrick Dunn's photo

Steven Jackson is blank

Alex Smith is blank

Warrick Dunn is blank

Carson Palmer is blank


- Falcons away uniforms is messed up (but the home jerseys looks good)

- Is there any way you can make the Bills away uniforms have blue pants (with the existing red socks) ?

- Cincinatti home jerseys are still messed up

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Here's results from testing the latest ROM #2:



Trent Green

JP Losman

Tom Brady

Chad Pennington

Derek Anderson

Jay Cutler

Damon Huard



Joey Harrington (he has Warrick Dunn's photo)

Phillip Rivers (he has Tomlinson's photo)

Carson Palmer


Daunte Culpepper



Tony Romo

Terrell Owens

Donovan McNabb

Tarvaris Jackson

Warrick Dunn

Stephen Jackson

Alex Smith

Falcons home uniforms are good, but the away ones are messed

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if you don't mind, can I test it a little more after you make those changes.

I dont want to release it without testing the final rom.

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Sounds good, as fast as humanly possible I would like to get this rolling. I fixed the faces on the rom. It turns out somewhere in the AFC West that guy missed a face because all my counts were correct. I moved them over one and they all will be on the correct spot. Steve McNair/Garrard #1 will not be on the rom, I have no idea why there face is not showing up.

I also did some checking into the Bengals jerseys and I gave them a Black top, they have three different jerseys Orange, Black, and away white. Statistically they have used the Black Jerseys more.

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Here's some stuff that could be fixed:

- Warrick Dunn has a blank photo

- Terry Glenn has TO's photo

- Brett Favre's photo is not him

- Add blue to the Cowboys' away uniforms (maybe blue stripes on helmet & pants)

- The Patriots' home uniforms have a bit of light blue in them that is out of place. What's the deal with this?

Other than this stuff, everything looks great. I'll do the readme on Friday and up it to you.

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