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So I don't forget it, I am going to make it it's own task

I haven't been around much to pay any attention to anything as of late, but when I do get around to working with this rom again Amrush gave us another tidbit to play with (posted on Knobbe):

x16094 (BUF 1st, SF last)

Same legend for the previous Tecmo versions apply:

00 = team AI leans rush

01 = team AI heavily leans rush

02 = team AI leans pass

03 = team AI heavily leans pass

AM Rush

PS: If someone already posted this, then I apologise. I haven't seen it...

I need some opinions on AI, some teams that I should be tweaking etc.

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This is done. Very, very easy.

Here's the list I came up with:

01- Buffalo

02- Indianapolis

03- Miami

00- Patriots

02- Jets

03- Bengals

02- Browns

01- Titans

01- Jaguars (03- Ravens for ROM#2)

01- Steelers

01- Broncos

00- Cheifs

01- Raiders

02- Chargers

00- Texans (01- Jaguars for ROM#2)

03- Cardinals

00- Cowboys

03- Giants

02- Eagles

01- Redskins

02- Bears

03- Lions (03- Saints for ROM#2)

03- Packers

00- Vikings

01- Buccaneers

00- Panthers

00- Falcons

00- Seahawks

02- Rams

02- 49ers

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