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TSB 42

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(Schedule and year markings have been updated)9-4-07

Introduction Graphical Changes, Chargers Helmet fixed.9-8-07

Major Graphical Changes Finished. 9-10-07

Facemask Issues redone 9-20-07

3-4 and 4-3 done, AFC Faces nearly done, Bengals pants fix done 10-1-07

Waiting on FA and Scrambling 10-9-07

DONE and ready for one days worth of testing 10-10-07

Fixed errors waiting for last minute testing 10-11-07

Fixed and ready to go 10-12-07


6:30 PM CST

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here's the updated readme:


TSB42 - TECMO SUPER BOWL III [October 2007 Release]

by slim_jimmy7 & johnz1


== TWO ROMS, 32 TEAMS ==

ROM #1 excludes the Baltimore Ravens and the New Orleans Saints.

ROM #2 excludes the Detroit Lions and the Houston Texans.

== ROSTERS & RATINGS == [by johnz1]

All players and teams have been updated up to October 2007.

The ratings system is basically a modified even teams rom. Almost every player has the same stats (per position). There are three exceptions:

1) Offensive skill players (QB, RB, WR, TE) are either a Backup or a Starter. Obviously the ratings for a Starter player are better than a Backup. Not all backups in the game are given the Backup rating, because in Tecmo and in the NFL there are good players that are on the bench.

2) For every position (except Offensive Linemen, they are all the same), there are Star and Superstar players. Again, the Superstar players have better ratings than the Stars.

3) There are some players with special skills: L.Tomlinson and B.Westbrook have a better Receiving rating than other RB's, McNair has higher Hitting Power than other QB's, and Vince Young basically runs like a running back. There are many other ratings changes like these.

This is a simple system that is very easy to update because all you really have to do is put players into categories: Superstar > Star > Starter > Backup.

Why make a rom this way?

1. Simple to update and maintain, year after year.

2. Tends to make teams more even and the game more fair. Bad teams aren't that bad and great teams aren't impossible to defeat.

== GRAPHICS == [by slim_jimmy7 + RaiderKtulu]

This ROM is based off of RaiderKtulu's updated uniforms and logos ROM. From there, slim_jimmy7 moved around some teams to create the Ravens and Texans. Also, other team logos, uniforms, and helmets have been updated. Some of the player photos have also been updated. The following players have updated photos: JP Losman, Trent Green, Tom Brady, Chad Pennington, Derek Anderson, Jay Cutler, Damon Huard, Daunte Culpepper, Phillip Rivers, L. Tomlinson, Tony Romo, Donovan McNabb, Tarvaris Jackson, Joey Harrington, Stephen Jackson, Alex Smith.


Players free agent points are based on three things: Money, Superstar Status, and importance to the team (for example: it is hard to get Alexander away from the Seahawks).

Every player's simulation ratings and free agent points have been updated. This makes simming more realistic. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady will probably put up huge numbers, and the QB for the Vikings probably won't.

== SCHEDULE == [by slim_jimmy7]

The regular season schedule has been updated to the 2007 NFL year. There are some deviations however because we have two missing teams per rom.

== PLAYBOOKS == [by johnz1]

Every team's playbook has been redone to better suit their 2007 play style. This accommodates for shotgun offenses, running quarterbacks, WR running plays, and trick plays. Unfortunately, not all the plays save correctly in TSB3m, so some of the plays couldn't be changed.

== DEFENSIVE FORMATIONS == [by slim_jimmy7]

All teams have the proper defensive formations, as of September 2007. Every team uses a 4-3 defense except Cleveland, Dallas, Miami, New England, New York Jets, Pittsburgh, San Diego, and San Francisco.


There might be an update released sometime before the playoffs.


Big thanks go out to everyone who has contributed to the Tecmo scene, specifically:

-RaiderKtulu (TSBIII graphics guru)

-Flash EmuWare (for the easy to use TSB Managers)

-amrush (for TSBIII hacking, specifically cracking the defensive formations)

-cuppettcj (for TSBIII hacking, specifically cracking the simulation values)

-Rod Woodson (for his dedication to running Knobbe.org)


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