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Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball (August 2007)

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rosters by johnz1

graphic hacks by JG, grg, & jstout



All team rosters are accurate as mid-August 2007. Player ratings are based on their 2007 statistics up to August 25, 2007:

Batting (Hitters): OBP

Power (Hitters): SLG

Speed (Hitters): SB

Speed (Pitchers): ERA

Control (Pitchers): WHIP

Fatigue (Pitchers): IP/G


JG, grg, and jstout have provided many hacks that bring this game up-to-date:

Uniform styles and colors: by JG & grg

Team logos: by jstout

Team names and abbreviations: by grg


This is a huge release, as we have worked very hard this year to make big improvements to this game. Here are the new additions to this release:

- All team logos have been updated (Anaheim, Washington, Toronto, Houston, San Diego, Milwaukee, Texas). Pittsburgh has not been updated, but that is because I am looking to replace them in next year's rom.

- I changed the stats that are used for the pitchers' attributes. ERA, not K/9, determines a pitcher's Speed rating.

- Appearances for hitters and pitchers have never been more accurate. They have been manually adjusted, through hex editing, to get the right look. For whatever reason, when using KGB_Editor, some players have very stubburn appearances and are limited to a certain appearance/batting stance. Manually hex editing can fix this problem.

- Update the pitchers' appearances on the mound to include/exclude opticals where appropriate.

- Expanded the player ratings. Player ratings now go from 1-10. Before, the range for player ratings only went from 2-9. Unfortunately, this also involves hex editing, as the KGB_Editor sometimes does not like the "10" value.

- While the player ratings are updated to August 2007, the in-game player statistics still reflect the complete 2006 season (Player statistics are the stats that are listed next to the player's name in the game. Player attributes are their ratings - Hitting, Power, Speed).

- Player names that begin with "Mc" are now spelled "Mc" instead of "MC".

== IDEAS FOR 2008 ==

Here are a couple of ideas for new features in the next release (Opening Day 2008):

- Replace the Pirates with the Brewers (so that Milwaukee is in the NL). Replace the AL Brewers with the Devil Rays. Maybe even replace the Nationals with the Diamondbacks.

- Modify one of the heads that have a mustache with one that has facial hair only on the chin. Today there are only a couple players that have mustaches, but there are many who have hair on their chin.


JG Games: for the amazing work with the KGB_Editor

JG Games: for the great graphic hacking)

grg: for the superb graphic and text work

JStout: for injecting the updated logos that are truly perfect

Tecmo Repository: for a tremendous scene

TecmoBuilders.com: for an exciting site with good, hardworking people

ESPN.com, OpenOffice.org, Translhextion: for making this whole process relatively nice and easy

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