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Malferds TSB Tool Spreadsheet

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Pretty much all you do to input information for each team is to go to NFL.com and go to that teams individual statistics page. then go to the players page of whom you are going to gather stats for. copy it then paiste it into the excel (firefox will paiste it all in one single cell, that sucks but i have an older version of IExplorer that works great) If you plan on helping out on this and you dont know "exactly" what you are doing with the spreadsheet, please ask. the pages with a green colored cell above the player names are already completed pages.

its not the most professional document since i thought i would be the only one viewing it.

below are the things you need to know before tinkering with the spreadsheet.


each team has its own page

NEVER move the cells themselves (just copy one and paiste in another)

even some blank cells are actually used and have a "space" in them that is necessary, so only edit the cells known to be edited.

just to the left of the players number there is either a number 1, or a blank space. 1= a white player, blank= a black player (this is used in the automated face generator (it just matches face with size of player lol)

and dont get pissed off guys but yes i used some madden attributes to help determine some attributes. They DO NOT make the player better, or worse. they only determine insignificant things like the ratio of passing accuracy vs passing speed, but the overally rating of the qb should not change.

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stat input section

(no teams have Offensive linemen updated yet, that is a seperate task)

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Thats great that I have that 07 year rom maker... I got the XLS file open in excel... I guess i need to nkow... how do i export all my changes as a .nes file?

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