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TSB 1 Large helmet palettes

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The first offset is the helmet, the 2nd is the logo and facemask. The letter in () is for teams that share palettes. Example: IND(A) and PHX (A) share helmet colors.

BUF 15AA60 159388

IND 159560(A) 1595A0

MIA 15ABA0 159600

NE 15AB60 1595C0

JETS 15AA00 159260(B)

CIN 1592E0 159320

CLE 15AA40 159300

HOU 15ABC0 1595E0

PIT 15AB00 159480

DEN 159420 159440

KC 159340 159380

RAI 15AB40 159540 ©

SD 1593E0 159400

SEA 159520 159500

DAL 15AB20 159540 ©

GIA 15AAE0 159460 (D)

PHI 159240 159260 (B)

PHX 159560 (A) 159580

WAS 15AA80 159360

CHI 15AAA0 159460 (D)

DET 15AB80 1594E0

GB 1593A0 1593C0

MIN 159200 159220

TB 15ABE0 159620

ATL 15AAC0 159460 (D)

RAMS 1594A0 1594C0

NO 159280 1592C0

SF 15AA20 1592A0

Edit:SNES colors are 2 hex values (FF7F is white, for example). Each team logo uses a 16 color string with the last 3 colors used for the facemask. By default, the first 2 values are 0000's, the first one is transparent & allows the helmet color to show though, the 2nd one is pure black.

Each team's helmet shell also uses a string of 16 values, starting with two 0000's.

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