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Roster Editing Progress

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Haven't done a single roster yet.

The simple fact is that I am not sure how long it will take for the graphics to be completed, so doing rosters might be a waste of time until we get a rom finished. I am thinking that once the first rom is done we can start on those rosters, doing each rom after the graphics are finished.

What I am looking for in terms of Rosters:

1. A lot of inbalance. Some teams might be incredibly good. Some teams might be absolutely terrible.

2. Not a juiced rom, but a moderately different style rom with slightly more offensive ability and less defense.

Have fun with it, again if you want to volunteer, post somewhere in the board and let me know.

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One more thing, if you are new to editing rosters and want to help:

In order to edit team players, use TSB2000 Manager, RS and RP are swapped, along with that you would need to swap DB's to correct the "New" safety position used in TSB3.

But... before doing so, editing the Schedule should be done by TSB3 Manager. You won't be able to edit the schedule if you change the team and players names first (this is because TSB2000 Manager and TSB3 Manager work differently).

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