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Justice Weller Colde

Editing the intro and removing helmets

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3 questions.

1. In the TSB intro where the shots of players come up.

How can I change the uniform colors? What exactly do I have to do in the hex?

2. Also in the intro, How can I change the "NFL Super Pro Football" text? I've searched all over for the text in the coding and nothing comes up.

3. How can I remove helmets from the menu and the screen before the coin toss?

The reason that I want to remove the helmets is that I really don't have any helmet design ideas or skills for any of the teams in My rom hack except for one team.

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1. I guess you are talking bout LIONS/49ers/GIANTS. For this scenes' palettes:

BARRY - at x1A110 is the palette of 2nd scene ( vs. Raider), and at x1A980-1A9BF are the palettes for the animated flashing screens (solo)

JOE - at x1A800 is the palette for the screen where Montana is ready for passing (after football is centered), and at x1A0A0 is the palette for the previous (linemen) scene.

LAWRENCE - at x1A810 and 1A090 are the palettes of 1st scene (HITTING REDSKIN) , for 2nd scene (Redskin lying on the ground) the palette is at x1A820 and 1A080, and for the 3rd scene (solo) its palette is at offset x1A830.

* In all of this cases, the corresponding palettes fill an entire "row" for the hex-values, starting at offset "x0", ending at offset "xF", and every value in these rows correspond to a palette color. being the first value the background color (repeated every 4 hex-values)

2. Because this is not a "text" by itself, first you have to arrange the graphic tiles in order change this scene. In here you have every "letter" divided in 4 tiles: a)upper left, B)upper-right, c)lower-left, and d)lower-right

but you have to know which tiles form any specific letter, for example in the "word" NFL, "N" is formed "graphically" by tiles a)8C, B)99, c)8E, d)9B (those 4 tiles form a "N" onscreen), but the hex-data in the offset is not placed like this for every letter, sometimes it goes first the "upper body" of some letters, and then the "lower part" of them. So, go to offset x16B8E, and there youll find this values:

8C 99 (which are the upper part of the "N")

C0 C1 8E 9B CA A4 (C0 and C1 are the upper part of the "F"), (then 8E 9B CA A4 are the lower tiles for both "NF", after that comes a 5D5D5D5D (THIS IS FOR THE LINE UNDER)

I'm lost at this point now, so I can't tell where the next letters take place in. ( I hope you can figure it out, 'cause I dont have a Nesticle right now and Im not sure where the "L" starts after that)

But there are other locations for the "text tiles" (First was at x16B8E), next is at 16AF7,

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next is at 16AF7, and the last one I have is at x16DA6.

For their palettes I have locations at 1A0BD (beginning of the underline), 1A0BF, 1A0F9, 1A0FB, 1A0FD, 1ADBF, and at xC34C, C356 (for the end of the line), I think all these values correspond to the "custom red" (hexvalue = 15) used for this font.

3. for Removing the helmets (BIG HELMETS) , I guess you should make them "invisible", this means same color as for their background. for this go to offset x23D79, and start inputting "0F" (black) to every value until you reach offset x23E58. for the MINI HELMETS as well, Mini Helmets PALETTE offset-locations can be found here http://tecmobowl.org...opic.php?t=3957

where it says:

1A152 - Changes the Grayish Blue in the Seahawks, Cowboys, & Lions Helmets.

x1A15A - Changes the Blue in both the Rams and Chargers helmets.

x1A15E - Changes the Dolphins Cyan color in their mini-helmet.

x1A15D - Changes the Green in the Eagles, Jets and Packers helmets....

just make every of that colours in those palettes, the same as your background color. (I cant tell right now if you have to make any graphic modifications via a "tile viewer" program) (because of the white color of the text)

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