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Editing Endzones a Tutorial

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I have been asked to put up a tutorial to explain the editing of the endzones.

I have made one in an excel document.

If you have any questions let me know and I will answer them if I can.

The document/instructions seem clear to me but may not be to others.

Editing Endzones..xls

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But you knew all of this!, then can you please explain how to change the palettes in a single "TILE-BLOCK" so that it has a specific number of tiles from 1 palette and the rest from another 1, (like I told you they've done with the Y's at the endzone in your other post) . Cause I see they've modified the values at offsets: x2cd77, x2cd88, x2cd99 and x2cdaa all of them corresponding to the palettes for the "Y" on the Endzone to the RIGHT, so that it can have both palettes 1 for the YELLOW "Y", and the other for the colors you have for your right endzone, (this palette for the yellow "Y" its also the same used for the cheerleaders at the right, YELLOW now too!). So can you please explain how this values work??. U know the values for the "WHOLE-BLOCK" palettes are 00 55 AA and FF, but how does a "DD" is half-half palette for a block of tiles, and a "DC" is 12 tiles palette "a", and 4 tiles palette "b" ? I dont know any Math conversions between info in bytes and Hex values, thats why I ask you. THX.

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