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So, I've been around this community for a while now, and I've made a few mods with custom teams and such using the 28 team NES version of TSB. Recently, I switched up and started editting the 32 team CX Rom. I used the TSBToolSupreme and found it could do nearly all the edits I required. However, There is no way to change the team names with the tool. So I searched here on the site and found some posts that said I'd need to use the hex editor to do this. I have the hex editor and have used it before to change colors of the background and whatnot. But I can't find the location of team names in the editor. I have even used the search tool in the editor to no avail. If someone could point me in the direction of where to find this information or give me a quick tutorial on how to change team names in the 32 team rom via another method, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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You probably didn't search for a text string instead of a hex string. Anyways here is the start of the team names in the 32 team rom


Unless you want to update the pointers you have to make the team name the same length or shorter than what is there already.

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Yeah this isn't necessarily very clear for something that is typically overlooked to edit.

That spreadsheet is probably 90% of the way there...just need to verify it would insert the data in the right spot, set a check to make sure that any limits are pushed, and then make a line you can just copy and paste into TSB Tool.


After the release of TSB 2020 though

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    • By Ghost
      It's been a long time since I've messed with the hex. There is a good chance I still have the tool I need. It's something really simple, so simple I can't find it in any of my old notes and not in most of the tutorials. 
      Although I can still picture the hex screen in my head how do I bring it up? Which piece of software? 
      Again apologies, I did poke around for a bit but the time it was taking to do that seemed like longer than me just asking. 
    • By TheFes75
      All, I did a quick search on the internet for Comparing Hex code in a ROM or file, but got nothing concrete or that I could understand.  My question is, if I am comparing two identical versions of a ROM's Hex code, but there is a minor change to one, is there a program i can use to compare and that would identify where the differences are?  Or would I have to go line by line and figure out where the difference is? Any help would be appreciated.

    • By knickspree
      I'm sorta new, like over 5 years ago I used an editor to create my own team names and essentially a pretty customized game based off the original tecmo super bowl game.


      Now I'm back and would like do some different editing however the editor that I currently have (TSB Tool Supreme beta and only allows me to edit players names and attributes.  Before, I had an editor that I could do all sorts of things like team names and almost anything I could think of, where could I find this editor?







    • By buck
      So, maybe someone else has already noticed a long time ago, but I have always wondered where the seemingly arbitrary player attribute number system comes from in Tecmo Super Bowl.  It was always a mystery to me.  Not anymore.


      So, in case you wondered where these player attribute numbers come from:


      6, 13, 19, 25, 31, 38, 44, 50, 56, 63, 69, 75, 81, 88, 94


      These attribute numbers correspond to the "rounded off" percentage values of "1 through 16" divided by 16.

      Decimal % Chop off % Sign
      1 / 16 = 0.06 6% 6
      2 / 16 = 0.13 13% 13
      3 / 16 = 0.19 19% 19
      4 / 16 = 0.25 25% 25
      5 / 16 = 0.31 31% 31
      6 / 16 = 0.38 38% 38
      7 / 16 = 0.44 44% 44
      8 / 16 = 0.50 50% 50
      9 / 16 = 0.56 56% 56
      10 / 16 = 0.63 63% 63
      11 / 16 = 0.69 69% 69
      12 / 16 = 0.75 75% 75
      13 / 16 = 0.81 81% 81
      14 / 16 = 0.88 88% 88
      15 / 16 = 0.94 94% 94
      16 / 16 = 1.00 100% 100

      also attached a screen shot incase the format is jumbled.


    • By tacomanarrows
      Sup guys.

      Question, how does someone edit a teams uni colors/logo colors in Tecmo NBA for NES? Im trying to make the street team my friends and I are on. Basically where are they in the hex? I know the locations in TSB lol.
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