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an easy guide to changing and deleting various cutscenes

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Hey everyone

After getting fed up with my palette problem on cut scenes I decided to just eliminate them. There was some good general material on the board but no easy access to the data.

I'm learning assembly from scratch and learned a ton from this epic thread http://tecmobowl.org...ic/9946-events/ but it's really hard for a beginner to understand so I made this easy spreadsheet as I went along and now get your cutscene editing done fast and maybe learn a little about assembly.

for the truly lazy who just want a quick edit to eliminate the ingame cutscenes goto offset x261EF with a hex program and change the 3 bytes of data to EA EA EA

btw I couldn't get the kicking figured out so I put it in a separate tab, I've been at it for 24 hours like a fiend and need a break, so if you know what any of that garbage on the second spreadsheet tab is please let me know, I don't want to have to spend a whole day on figuring out punting subroutines lol

I started about a week ago, but I'm dedicated to learning 6502 and I'm really getting good at it, so if you can depart any knowledge on me I would appreciate it :)

hopefully when I grow up, I can be just like jstout, xplozv, and cxrom :P

Tecmo cutscenes.xls

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the spreadsheet tells how to either change the cutscene or not play ("delete") the cutscene

deleted all ingame cutscenes just take a sack or score a td really fast to see the effect

changed the opening cutscene just for ease of demonstration (after the cutscene finishes it will be a black screen, just press start)

cutscene demo.zip

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The halftime show is part of the top level game loop in bank 18 (0x22000-0x24000)




From there to the actual routine



So long post short  at 0x22E33 type he following which will overwrite the random number generation with straight event index load. 




Change  highlighted byte in read to set the cutscene based on the events listed in http://tecmobowl.org/forum/topic/9946-events/




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