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Base/28-Team ROM Requests

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I'm going to be creating a ROM (mostly just editing rosters, playbooks, and some minor graphical things).

Does anyone have a ROM of the 28-Team/Basic TSB, but with the following options hacked into it...

- In-Game Playbook Changes

- Time & Weather Options

So basically, I just want the regular game, but with those 2 capabilities that I see in a lot of 32 team ROMs.

Is this possible, and could anyone hook me up with this if one is pre-made?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciate.

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I think there is one included in the rom package that can be dowloaded at:


HA!, quite a collection!!, there are over 225 ROMs. And counting!!!

I checked most of this roms, (just a glance), and some of these are really good material!. Now, I was wondering.., (since this post is a 28-Base rom request), Anyone know what year was the base-28 team rom with In-Game Playbook Changes and the 43/34 defense option? I was certain it was the 2005 (the one with the logos), but it aint none of those.

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And here is the base 28-team with playbook and DEFENSE selection. made by bruddog.

I think there's a recent rom with better def. reactions, (but its a 32 teams rom. I'm still working on) So if someone has an updated rom with better DEF. HACK, I'd be very grateful. (I know xplozv has made the greater advance on this matter, but I've only seen his Just-Bring-it series, but I cant get through that "randomness" on field)DEF-PLAYBOOK.zip



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