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STREET TECMO - a brand-new TSB experience - Intro post


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Once again -

Taking NES TSB to the NEXT LEVEL

- Free-of-Charge

and made with PURE TECMO LOVE -

by buck and rewhawl

"Street Tecmo" is coming very soon - in the form of two ROMS, each with 16-teams from the '12-'13 NFL season. superstars and super-duds.

But you will find yourself in another "tecmo world" with this ROM - I promise. There is no equivalent to this ROM.

Prepare yourself for the most action-packed, heart-pounding, breath-holding TSB experience of your life.


There's no-where to hide. No Refs (for various reasons). No out of bounds, only out of play.

Things can get out of hand very quickly on the streets. Always bring your A-game and always keep on the alert.

Only the Strong (and Lucky) survive on the streets.

*Though "Street Tecmo" is based on tecmo-legend jstout's incredible 7-on-7 CIFL ROM, the only thing that remains the same are his short field, 7 on 7 action, and the essence of his plays - but even the plays and defenses have been internally tweaked for the streets.

List of some of the new features:

Gameplay Hacks...

let's start with hyperspeed "street physics"

a unique HP hack (with MAN v MAN popcorn/mash, too)

pass accuracy as completion variable

bruddog's "OL/DL" hack

passing-game hacks

AI hacks

in-game playbook changing

12-game season with 8-team playoffs

jstout's "posession style" overtime

no "out of bounds", just "walls"

Other Hacks...

cutscreens heavily altered and/or removed (this game moves at inner-city pace)

countless, heavily-modified graphics and palettes

new uniforms by rewhawl

awesome new uniform colors and combinations (continuing the buck tradition)

"new" half-time with a "new" song (breakdance).

this rom would not be possible without the past help of:

jstout, bruddog, cxrom, bad_al, average tsb player, elway, and xplozv





(this post will be updated when more details become available)

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that is possible. rewhawl is DEEP.

nah, that's the familiar "Touchdown Monkey" that rewhawl and I use for all our *weird* roms. (Semi-Pro, Minor League, and Bush League). Usually he's wearing birthday suit, but we thought an actual NFL release required a more marketable/relevant version.

Is your mascot the Grape Ape?

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Suggestion: Change the uniforms to them being in street clothes (like in the old NFL Street) games. I think that'd make it more like backyard football...

I started to mess with this last night. I'm trying to put backwards hats on players, along with shorts. It might be possible, but looking very tricky at the moment.
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you forgetting about the cutscreens with helmets and pads? anyways, to me it's more about the overall look and overall physics/feel of the game that make it "street", not just a little half-naked 8-bit guy running around. Because I LOVE the NFL uniforms. I wouldn't want it anyotherway.

ps - there are many "firsts" with this rom besides no-out-of-bounds. easter-eggs like a new halftime, superhalftime, and a new breakdance song.

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If your rom so you can do whatever you want with it. We will just have to agree to disagree on that 1 I think I would like to try and make it with the new player models because I feel that it's just not street if there in regular uniforms but hey that's just me I'll see what I can do for my own personal taste. Love the idea

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You know what else would be cool? Different playing surfaces (probably one per ROM...sandy beach, school yard,etc). You could even modify the player physics to change based on that surface.

Obviously you can do what you want with your ROM, the gears are just turning, that's all.

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ps - release date of street tsb ROMs: 1st week of September, Wednesday the 5th at the latest.

we're still refining lineups but mostly some graphical touch-ups remain.

TT, I can see your point about Street /= Helmets and pads, because that's how previous video games did it. But this is still tackle football and they are on some sort of hard surface. I like to pretend that it's concrete or asphalt, like a road. :-P

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Fair enough. I love the project either way. It's your best thus far.

I agree, this is an awesome way to play tecmo bowl... I do think TT's idea of different playing surfaces would be really awesome. I could see a beach in SF, or a Schoolyard in Dallas. Something frozen over in Green Bay. I dont know if you guys like Super Dodgeball, but they did this and it works great.

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Amazing idea, buck!

I don't know if this is your "best" idea...and I mean that with huge compliments to Semi-Pro. That ROM was the shit, so the jury is still out. I look forward to trying this out, though!

Another thought...if you do happen to make a version on the beach as mentioned above, reducing RS and RP would be pretty sweet, to mimic running in the sand. Is it possible to make the ball into a vortex (that whistles)? :cool:

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just to let you know: Street Tecmo 2013 - by buck, rewhawl, & jstout - will be out tomorrow (Wednesday) before the NFL game!

It is actually two ROMs. 16 teams in each ROM.

Honestly, there are too many hacks and upgrades and graphic changes to even begin to list. But I will give quick highlights: There is new music, new halftime, new superbowl halftime, new plays (and improved versions of jstout's original plays), new physics, no out of bounds.There is also a new mode called "Heroes".

Get ready, cause this ain't funny

anyways, here are a couple of extra shots from what we call "ROM 2"




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