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    • By TecmoTurd
      A PC with .NET Framework 3.5 or greater
      Alright, the first edition of the editor is here. It's not a 1.0 release because there are a few things it doesn't do. My goal for this initial release was to create the architecture for it, and learn some WPF. After a few weeks of doing just that, here is the result...currently, it does the following:
      Allows editing of Team Information (Name, Mascot, Conference, Arena, Indicator Color, Rank, Wins, Losses, Scoring rank, Rebounding rank, Ball Control rank, Defense Rank rank, and Home/Away uniforms.
      Things left to do:
      Add a "create base ROM" feature that basically spits out a new ROM as is so you dn't need to go hunting around for the hurricane55 version everytime you want to edit
      Give proper acknoledgement to Hurricane and the NHL94 guys...
      Player Information (abilities, heads, numbers, etc)
      Edit court/fans/stand colors
      Ability to edit the "previous year" e.g., 09-10 (I don't know where this exists yet)
      Edit offense/defensive playbooks
      The color chooser doesn't remember your color which is lame. I used an open source library for that...I plan to look at the code and add that functionality if I can.
      Edit remaining text throughout the game
      Clean up the UI
      I did a lot of testing, so this should be functioning properly, but I'd backup your ROM just in case. Please report all bugs to me. Remember, this is an early release and will go through more changes as coding continues. From the "left to do" list, I plan on hitting up player attributes, playbooks, and court colors next.
      I'm going to take a few days off and rest my weary head...probably fire some questions off to Hur to get prepared for when I do come back to this...
    • By hurricane55
      This is a 80% beta. I have just started ot figure out the logos, so they are not complete. The rosters are reorganzed, but not ACCURATE...I used the orignials, just tried to match up to this years teams(ie Kansas uses Arkansas, Nebraska is a mix of backups from arkansas and virginia). Uniforms are not 100%. Got the team colors, but not the style down. Again this is just a beta to see if it gets enough hits. Plus me, Drunken_honkey, and TecmoTurd really wanted to do this. Tecmo Turd is using this beta as a base for an editing tool. He just got my info yesterday, but he says it is coming along. I started on this about 2 weeks ago, and have really made progress, by next year will be able to efit everything in game, including graphics! Hopefully i get the hack done on the graphics, so i can turn that info over as well for someone to create an editor for as well. So enjoy the MAdness!!!!!!
      notes 4-3-10
      Just found an issue with Texas, let me know if you find any, i changed alot of pointers, so it is going to be buggy....i did some byte checking, and forgot to change a few back. Pointers are right, jsut some player AI and Team AI stuff. I wll go through it one team at a time next week. Sorry, again any Ai problems let me know ASAP.
      Had to chagne the ROM file, corrected issues with the Team AI.

      Changed out Beta 3 today---4-6-10...fixed some shading issues on courts.

      Done With Logos......Deleted old Beta....Thsiversion is playable
      Let me know of any bugs and i will address ASAP.
      Left For future Version.
      Thanking NHL94.com EA gurus for documents that led to hack.
      Thank TecmoTurd and DrunkenHonkey for their creative support.
      Finding Sim Values
      Finding Palette Pointers For all team colors(No more Sharing)
      Find Pointers For Logos For All Teams(Hopefully to help create a logo editor)
      Updating Rosters
      Check if there are built in playstyles
      Work on updating uniform styles(Sprite artwork)
      4-14-10 Update
      Updating Coach K notes
      This in progress now. Pictured Below.
      Tecmo, I'll get you the pointers, i evened it out so each team has the same space, each line has the same space. I will PM Tecmo
    • By Yak
      This is the most popular Genesis ROM playing emulator.
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