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USB controller setup?

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We need some additional details before we will be able to help you with this question. Which emulator are you using? Are you trying to use a USB controller, or the keyboard?

Assuming you're running Nestopia on windows and trying to use a USB controller:

0. Close Nestopia if running.

1. Unplug, the re-plug in USB controller and wait for windows to recognize it.

2. Start Nestopia.

3. In Nestopia, go to "Options" -> "Input".

4. In the "Type" menu select "Pad 1". This sets the controls for Player 1.

5. In the "Joysticks" drop-down menu, select "USB Controller 1" or whichever controller you are trying to configure.

-----a. You may have to experiment to find the right controller

6. In the lower-center of the window, click "Set All".

7. One at a time, for each key in the "Key" menu (starting with "Left"), press the correct key/button on the controller.

8. Repeat for "Pad 2" (player 2) if desired/applicable.

9. Load the rom from the file menu.

10. Enjoy!

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