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TSBglory91's 2011-2012 32 team rom

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I know its late but I thought people might like to try it. Made this one for myself and had it put on a cart. Finished the game about 3 weeks ago so the rosters are pretty spot on. Ratings were based off of the original TSB. I am very pleased with the way the sim stats, ratings, records, gameplay, uniforms turned out. I changed uniforms and helmet graphics to my preferences. Redid the Patriots, Jets, Broncos, and Lions logos. Rom is juiced. Enjoy!

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Game uniforms were changed/improved. Some long names shortened to fit cutscenes. Playbook/formation fixed for Cardinals. Tim Tebow's rush stats improved, is the starter for Broncos, with the Tebow offense playbook. Fitzpatrick's pass attributes fixed but his run stats RS 75, RP 31, MS, 31, HP 38 can't be changed for some reason. Would appreciate help with that! Otherwise rom is flawless.

TSB 2k11 - December Update.zip

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