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Passing game probability table hack


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This hack deals with the passing game. I always felt the difference between the great and bad QB's was too extreme. You can achieve this somewhat by limiting the maximum and minimums but it gives you less player variation that way. You lose some of the granularity and range.

Here is an example. Say you have Bubby 25 PC throwing to a 50 rec WR. He will only get a standing still coverage catch 2% of the time against defenders ranged from 25 to 81 int. I fact only vs defenders 38 int or lower will he be able to get catches. Now take Montana to Rice they will get a standing still coverage catch 46% of the time vs defeners ranged 25 to 81 int. Are they really 20 times better at getting coverage catches? Anyways referring to these colored plots may make things more understandable.

There are two plots. The left is original rom percentages and the right one is my updated percentages. Going down the left of each graph is 12, 19 25, etc. That is the combined pass control plus reception value. Going across the top is the int value. The numbers on the bottom and far right of each graph are the averages in the ranges of interest. The red boxed areas are things that are in the realm of possibility with original rom rated players. The black boxed area are the most common interactions.

Long story short basally bad qb wr's arent so bad and great qb+wrs arent as great. I didn't even get into how INT% is affected but its just as bad. The Bubby to 50rec combo wold get picked off 30% of the time over the 25-81 int range and montana to rice would get picked off 0%. LOL

Here are the plots. Sorry the numbers are hard to read. I can attach the spreadsheet if anyone is interested.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Finally here is the hack


@2BF14 change to 3C3D3E3F404142434445464748494A4B


@2BF24 change to 3C3D3E3F404142434445464748494A4B


@2BF34 change to 1C1E20222426282A2C2E30323436383A

catch threshold values

@29D90 change to 51

@29DA3 change to 51

@29DB6 change to 51

Standing still catch values

@29D7A change to 46

JJ int threshold

@29C9E change to 11

JJ whiff threshold

@29C9A change to 15

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@bruddog, would the SET command for this be:


#Passing game probability table hack


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