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Baseball Stars - Expanded


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41 minutes ago, mbogolf said:

Found his editors on Tecmo World.  Hopefully it's OK if I post them here.  I'd love to see this updated with more teams etc.


Baseball Stars 2.zip

BSTARS1 Release 0.1 Editor.zip

BSTARS2 Release 0.1 Editor.zip

These were posted here at some point too. I'd love to see if we could get those roms he changed the graphics for. 


@TecmoTurd  APB!

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On 5/2/2013 at 7:46 PM, TecmoTurd said:

Good news, I stripped out all my sav editor code and was able to start piecing it back together. So far, so good, I'm able to edit some names and batting orders...I hope that means I"m back in business!





This would effectively give us two ROMs at 14 teams each, all with updated team logos.  It's no 30-team hack, but it's better than nothing.






Can't promise anything yet, but as I slowly chip away at this, perhaps the project is still alive and has some legs...


Hey man @TecmoTurd I saw you on here related to Tecmo NBA Basketball but earlier this year we were trying to locate any rom files with those logos you made. Did you have any? Ever get to make an NL rom and an AL rom?


Hope all is well!

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