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2011 Releases


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we got a 'pure' NES TSB 2011 NFL rom to be released next week.

and also, a "high speed" NFL rom with updated playbooks and enhanced physics/difficulty will be released as well.

check out last years 2010 "high speed" rom for a taste:


there's other roms I've made linked in my signature: Semi-Pro and a "Greatest Teams" rom.


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Buck, looking forward to your purist NES ROM. I like that it's very base level, and if we want to add juice or whatever, we can. My only hope is that you don't vastly modify the graphics. Updated is cool and welcomed, I just don't like when the whole Tecmo title screen is removed in lieu of a picture of Peyton Manning or something, impressive as it is.

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Actually, I think graphical stuff like that is great because if you think about it...who sits around and watches the start video?

Typically people just play. I've been doing this for years and every time I'm looking at a new rom I wait to see if someone has modified that start screen. Every time I see one I think it's cool.

When I'm talking about vanilla rom, I'm mostly referring to game play. Having new plays and rewriting attributes are awesome, but it's simply too much for some people.

Just me, but the things that I think people would universally agree on for "Game Play Mods"

- 32 teams

- making PA and Qu do something (most only have a general idea of what any attributes do)

- Probably a couple of more items I'm not thinking about.

However, a release from this site is going to involve multiple roms anyway. Probably the best thing is "TSB 2012" and "TSB 2012 Graphics"

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Our resident SNES rater already declared his retirement, so our only hope as of right now is to take an nes rom and paste the game text into the SNES rom using tsbtool.

No way!? MrNFL don't do the SNES roms anymore?

Damn that sucks.

I'm a huge fan of the SNES editions.

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