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TSB Tool Supreme Q: Player Naming Conventions


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How does the tool work with extra long names?

What about punctuation? TJ versus T.J? Jones Drew versus Jones-Drew

Does the first LAST name style mean anything?

Spaces in name? Do they affect anything? Norm Van Brocklin versus Norm VanBrocklin


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I don't like punching myself in the face.

I did it though, the program is super smart. The only one it got confused with was the last name with a space. so Norm Van Brocklin turned into norm van BROCKLIN. It accepted the Hyphen but put in a weird symbol. Probably not a good idea to use hyphens. It didn't like the underscore either. Maybe a period? It does the job but looks dumb. Is there any characters which Tecmo displays as blank (other than a space)? I dunno.

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