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Offensive Preference


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I think "heavy run" is a bad name, and I didn't ever assign that name to "01" - TSB TOOL did.  I was just referencing it by name.  


I suppose it has to do with 00 incorrectly being assumed as "Little more run" so it was default thought of as "heavy run".  Again, I don't know exactly why it was called that.


I believe that the values should be renamed.  Something like:


00 = 50/50 

01 = More Run (60% Run)

02 = More Pass (60% Pass)

03 = Heavy Pass (70% Pass)


Am I also correct in noting that there isn't a location on the rom for coding in a percentage for 00?

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I'm 99% sure that's correct.



correct.  actually, a random number is loaded and masked between 0-7.  see code below.

00 ; Offensive Preference x00



A540 LDA $40 ; $40 = Random_A+Random_B

2907 AND #$07 ; Between x00-x07

8540 STA $40 ; Save Play Call

4C2AA7 JMP @Loop4 ; return

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