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I need verification on this, but I think that I've tested it enough.  The F5 commands generate a random from the XX to the YY in an "F5 XX YY" code string.


I tested F5 44 45 from the 4:34 mark and the player left his position at the turn of 4:28 to 4:27 every time.  I had previously tested F4 D5 D6, which had the player leave at the 4:22/4:21 mark.  Then I tested F5 44 D5 and the player left at any time between (on to the D7 command that was after it). 


These require F0 ZZ commands before them, where ZZ gives you the direction (see the OL pass block does).  Has anyone else noted the timing thing?

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The F5 command is as follows


F5  (Min frames to wait, max frames to wait). As you state it generates a random number between those two times. So the max  range is:


F5 00 FF

( 0 to 4.25 real seconds)

(0 to 12.75 tecmo seconds)


0x14 = 20 decimal = 1 tecmo clock second

0x3C = 60 decimal = 1 REAL second

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Franchise QB Hack

This hack comes by way of jstout's magic. On pass plays, you control the QB. When a player catches the ball, the COM takes over and runs for you.


NES TSB = x29139 -- a9 43 85 eb a9 b8 85 ec

SNES TSB I = x19c41 -- a9 f1 bf


Jstout found this for the NES version already (See * below) and the hack works great; however, does anyone know how to maintain control of the QB after he throws the ball for the SNES version of TSB I? The QB remains motionless and it would be great to be able to chase after a defender when a pick is thrown. 


*via jstout: Put this in place of the original hack at x29139 = A9 43 85 EB A9 B8 85 EC 20 F1 97 A9 00 85 DC 4C D6 90. Now you have control of the QB after you throw the pass. Note that you will not have an icon over your head. "


Thanks all.


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xplozv -


On the franchise qb hack, how do I maintain control of the qb after throwing a pass? You provided the correct string for the NES version; however, where is the location for the SNES version?

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Just checking in to see if xplosv could bolster the SNES franchise qb hack so the qb would be able to move after passing like he found for the NES version. Currently, the hack freezes the qb after passing and is quite detrimental to any type of defense after tossing a pick or receiver fumble. If anyone else could assist, I would greatly appreciate their insight.



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Xplozv provided the finishing touches on this hack about three years ago after his brief emergence & subsequent vanishing act. Huge thanks to the wizard for his awesome magic. Anyway, for full control of the QB in the SNES version use the following:

 x19C41 = A9 F1 BF & x19C4F = 4C C9 9B

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