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NFL Leaders

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Hello again. Here is my 2nd contribution. I have made an automated NFL Leaders by team with macro based first tab that tracks Leaders. Passing/Rushing/Receiving.

I am currently simulating the 2010 rom with the 2011 schedule just for GP to see how the stats go. Well I hope some people use this as I have spent some time on it. Enjoy.

Some instructions. Do not change the top portion of any team because it will mess up the formulas. If you have TSB Stat Extractor and Microsoft Excel you wont have any problems uploading. When you open the text files make sure you have the open file type to text, and then make sure you hit next, then check comma for the delimited portion so it will go into excel properly, then you can copy and paste your data.

Once again. Enjoy.

NFL Leaders.zip

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How is it functional? Is it based off of Tecmo Sim Data? Or NFL Real time Data?

I am Intrigued. :0) :):)

I'm a still a noob at this, yet I see the potential with your application. :)

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