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NFL Scheduler

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Hey guys. Well this my first actual contribution to this site and I hope this helps with making your own schedule.

First things first.

I had some problems coming up with the formulas to make the 1st place teams play the other 1st place teams within the conference for the teams not scheduled to play that division; so I made my own format. However its pretty simple. I am currently working on how to make a text delimited file that will export the schedule you created by just doing these simple steps.

The Default tab within the workbook is the original by order of teams. Then I made a schedule based of the 2007-2009 seasons.

S01 = First Season Schedule

Se01St = First Season Standings

S02 = Second Season Schedule

Se02St = Second Season Standings

S03 = Third Season Schedule

Se03St = Third Season Standings

S04 = Fourth Season Schedule

By now you should see the pattern in which the teams play. I am using the current NFL format for schedules minus my own touch as mentioned above. Hope this helps, and feel free to make modifications and use it at your disposal.


NFL Scheduler.xls

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Is there a version of this for the 28 team ROM that follows the format used until the '95 expansion? Trying to be able to plug in the standings from a prior season and get an accurate schedule.

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