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Every time a TSB alum passes away.. this subject is thought of: How many players from the 1991 NES game are now deceased?

I have came up with 20 names, here they are:

1.Derrick Thomas, LB chiefs - car accident in 2000

2.John Grimsley LB oilers - accidental gun shot in 2008

3.Andre waters, S eagles - suicide with firearm in 2006

4.Reggie Roby, P dolphins - heart attack in 2005

5.Jerome Brown, LB eagles - car accident in 1992

6.David Little, LB steelers - weight lifting accident in 2005

7.David Waymerers, S 49- cocaine over dose in 1993

8.Lewis Billups, CB bengals - car accident in 1994

9.Reggie White, DE eagles - Heart attack in 2004

10.Eric Andolsek, G lions - Hit by a out of control semi truck in 1992

11.Craig Heyward, RB saints - cancer in 2006

12.Mike Webster, C Chiefs- complications of steroid abuse in 2002

13.Sam Mills, LB saints - cancer in 2005

14.Terry Long, G steelers- suicide , drank bottle of antifreeze in 2005

15.Ron Hall, TE bucs- complications of steriod abuse in 2007

16.David Griggs, LB Dolphins- car accident in 1995

17.Derrick faison, WR rams- heart attack in 2004

18.John Stephens, RB patriots- car accident in 2009

19.Mosi Tatupu, RB patriots- Heart attack in 2010

20.Johnny Bailey, RB bears- cancer in 2010

This is what i know from doing a lot of research... please advise if there are more that i have forgot THANKS!

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Andolsek , Long and Little suffered the strangest deaths... may I add that Andolsek was in his front yard (I'm assuming he lived in a rural area, off a country road or something) when the semi truck barreled onto his property and ran him over while on foot!

One can only conclude that the antifreeze cocktail meant that Terry Long was in a severe depression, or just not in the right state of mind, obviously

And the most unfortunate, David Little... a guy who was still trying to stay strong in the weight room, had a bar bell roll onto his throat, crushing the life out of him. His son found him in his weight room at home, dead. sad.

I am not making this stuff up.. check it out on wikipedia

next up for research: how many ex TSB players are currently in prison.. I know one thing for sure, the Sea hawks have some Bad Boys on that team.. including a guy doing time for murder! stay tuned

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William Perry will most likely be next. He's not doing so well right now.

We should put together a DECEASED team rom, where you can only use one team with players that are all Deceased.

A way to commemmorate their acheivements on and off the field.

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Sad indeed. He was always one of those guys who I came to like because of Tecmo.


Does anyone have an updated list?  Also, not sure why I posted a smiley face next to Kent Hull from years ago. Must have been before emojis were a thing.

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Posted (edited)

I think this is a complete list of players from the original Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES who have passed away:


Eric Andolsek -  LG, Lions
Jerome Brown - RILB, Eagles

David Waymer - SS, 49ers

Lewis Billups - LCB, Bengals 

David Griggs - LOLB, Dolphins 

Derrick Thomas - ROLB, Chiefs

Broderick Thompson - RT, Chargers
Mike Webster - C, Chiefs

Reggie White - LDE, Eagles
Steve Trapilo - RG, Saints 
Derrick Faison - WR3, Rams

Terry Long - RG, Steelers
David Little - RILB, Steelers
Tory Epps - NT, Falcons
Sam Mills - LILB, Saints
Reggie Roby - P, Dolphins

Craig Heyward - RB1, Saints
Andre Waters - SS, Eagles 

Ron Hall - TE1, Buccaneers 

John Grimsley - LILB, Oilers
Frank Cornish - C, Chargers

John Stephens - RB2, Patriots

Mosi Tatupu - RB4, Patriots
Johnny Bailey - RB4, Bears 
Jarvis Williams - SS, Dolphins 
Harry Galbreath - RG, Dolphins 

Ron Holmes - RDE, Broncos
Drew Hill - WR2, Oilers
Kent Hull - C, Bills
Shawn Lee - NT, Dolphins

Derek Hill - WR2, Steelers
Grant Feasel - C, Seahawks
Junior Seau - RILB, Chargers

Ken Clark -RB4, Colts

Don Bracken - P, Packers

Dennis Byrd - RILB, Jets 

Rick Tuten - P, Bills
Cortez Kennedy - RILB, Seahawks

Alvin Wright - NT, Rams
Wes Hopkins - FS, Eagles
Bill Fralic - RG, Falcons


Wade Wilson - QB1, Vikings

Reggie Cobb - RB2, Buccaneers 

Mike Cofer - ROLB, Lions

Edited by SBlueman

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